Believe It or Not! Only 7% of the World Population Possesses This Blood Group


The Ubiquitous Blood Type!

Only 7% of the population possesses the ‘O’ Negative blood in the world

The Red blood cells of O negative donors can be transfused to any other people in a critical time of life

The gushing of blood indicates the wealth of our body’s health. It is highly essential for us to know about our blood type and so it might help in blood donation. Back in school days, we might have learned about the blood types and their unique powers as well. However, doctors at the time of emergency give priority to save the life of the person and they do not go for testing the blood type of the patient. It is at this dire situation, doctors would go for the universal blood type. Did you know which is the universal blood type? Almost every one of us does know the universal blood type is O negative. The O negative blood donors possess the unique power to help or donate anyone in need of blood transfusion.

There are two types of blood donation methods for O negative donors, they are Double Red Blood Cell and Whole Blood. It is due to these types of donations, the universal donors turn on the highest demand and impact on the patients’ needs.

Only 7% of the population possesses the O negative blood in the world and it is the most demandable one though. It is highly preferred for those people who have poor immune systems that involve premature babies and cancer patients as well. Meanwhile, the red blood cells of O negative donors can be transfused to any other people in a critical time of life. However, doctors mostly depend on O negative people when they treat the trauma patients at the crucial stage to save their life. Later, doctors will go for the blood type of the patient and transfuse the same blood.

Well, here is the most awaiting and interesting factor of O negative donors. Neither O negative is the rarest blood type nor it is the universal donor of platelet or plasma, though it is good in donating Whole blood and red blood transfusions and known to be ubiquitous.

Meanwhile, the rarest of all blood types is AB+ and is known to be the universal blood type for the platelet transfusions in the universe. It is said to be rarest because only 3% of the total population possesses this type of blood. They can donate plasma to any patients, regardless of their blood type and are encouraged to donate plasma and platelets. Both AB positive and negative people are capable of donating plasma or platelets to persons with varied blood types. However, only 4% of the population owns these rarest of all blood types (AB+ and AB-). Just get to know about your blood type and their unique powers deeply then.

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