Celebrated fashion designer masaba reveals her love for music


~Fashion Maven shares her personal playlist as she unveils her latest collaboration with audio brand boAt at Lakmé Fashion Week~

Fashion Designer Masaba Gupta reveals her love for music as she gears up to announce her latest collaboration with leading audio brand boAt at Lakmé Fashion Week’s digital-first edition.

Fashion Designer Masaba said“Music is very inspiring for me because it’s something that is like a form of time travel it can take you in to the future and it also can be a form of nostalgia. Something that has different effects on me, at different times of the day. Sometimes I use it to sooth & calm myself & some other times I use it to uplift my mood. It’s great for creative people as it helps in calming yourself. Music is also something that inspires me and my design aesthetics. The kind of work I do on a particular day, depends on the kind of music listen to. If its soothing, the way I use colors the way I design is much more relaxed. If I am in the mood for something peppy, you will see me using more vibrant colour palettes & over the top sense of design.”

Some of the artists and songs that make to Masaba’s top 5 playlist include:

  • Spirit bird by Xavier Rudd
  • Hope you dance by Lee Ann Womack
  • Old Hindi songs by Mohammed Rafi
  • Classics by Rihanna from the early ‘00’s
  • Last but not the least, A.R. Rahman.

Commenting on the collaboration, Aman Gupta, Co-Founder, boAt said, “Lakmé Fashion Week is the Mecca of fashion in India and as a lifestyle brand it becomes an ideal platform for us to partner and showcase our authority when it comes to stylish consumer electronic products. This season is extra special to us as we are commencing our partnership with Masaba. Her designs are defined to be a blend of contemporary and traditional with a pinch of modernity. As one of the leading fashion designers in the industry, she connects well with our audience. She understands boAt’s design philosophy and the same is displayed in the limited edition ‘boAt X Masaba’ collection. We believe our boAthead community will be truly inspired by the new and refreshing designs.”

 The designer added, “I am super excited about collaborating with boAt. I have always thought their products are par excellence. I have been introduced to boAt through so many users, who are serious users of their products. I am very excited to be collaborating with a brand who are always willing to push the bar & do something young, fun & new. And I think by lending House of Masaba’s aesthetics to boAt’ products, which are again superior products will invite a new consumer and probably excite the existing ones with cool, fresh & quirky products. I hope to bring some of the old charm that House of Masaba shows typically brings which are really fun & are peppy & has great music. I think this is a perfect collaboration because I love music; It is a big part of my runway shows, my presentations & I think through music, through these headphones & through our summer collection we will be able to transport people into a parallel universe which I can’t wait to share with them. I am really looking forward to this.”

The collection will be unveiled on 24th October at Lakmé Fashion Week’s digital-first, season fluid event. Tune into the LFW Virtual hub www.lakmefashionwee.co.in to catch all the action live.

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