Check Out the Trailer Of Hippopotamus


Edward A. Palmer‘s Hippopotamus movie trailer has been released and stars Ingvild Deila, Tom Lincoln, Stuart Mortimer, and Jonathan Cobb.

The trailer gives us something akin to Saw or 10 Cloverfield Lane. Norwegian actress Ingvild Deila stars as Ruby, a girl who has been kidnapped, but her kidnapper doesn’t want a ransom. He wants her to fall in love with him.

Ruby Ann Wattz (Ingvild Deila) wakes from a bad dream to find herself in a real-life nightmare. She’s trapped in a basement, her legs are broken and she can’t remember who she is or how she got there. Her kidnapper, Tom (Stuart Mortimer), tells her she will remain captive until she falls in love with him.

Ruby is focused on trying to escape until he starts helping her to remember her past and she begins to question everything.

The film is a low-budget contained thriller, the feature directorial debut of a young British filmmaker named Edward A. Palmer (aka Ed Palmer). The film was shot while Edward was still at university for a mere 5,000 pounds, then it toured to over 20 festivals.

The amazing DP Roger Deakins described the film as “mesmerizing” after seeing it at the Plymouth Film Festival.

It will be releasing in the UK coming up soon (straight to VOD it seems) though there’s still no US date yet.

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