And Also Launches a New Range of Leather Body Belts “Color Me Happy”


Experience the everyday magic of the woman that you are with the body belt you choose from our collection, now in different colors!

Depending on your mood, you can dress your look up or down, add a touch of quirky or elegant with a hint of badass. We just want to see you grow in those places you never thought you could.

I hope you enjoy all the beautiful body belts designed for each of your unique souls!

Specializing in experimental accessories, And Also strives to create new, unique and experimental fashion products for their audience. This new age brand offers statement accessories that add the perfect finale to an outfit. Unique products that add dynamism to fashion. Designed in India, for the global, progressive, and enterprising women, And Also is obsessed with constantly bringing something new to the table.

And Also was born with a vibrant vision- To bring joy to every purchase. It is more than a brand that just sells fashion. It’s a brand that tells stories, shares experiences and starts conversations. Their young team strives to experiment and surprise at every step to take that one stride further in fashion. An easy-going style, newness and durability are the core of the brand’s philosophy.

Keeping up with global trends, the brand curates trendy offerings with superior quality. Known for its never seen before immaculately crafted body belts, the brand is all set to explore its horizons by tapping into other segments of accessories as well.

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