Copper Chimney introduces a limited time period offer on its signature buffet at Rs 499


Copper Chimney, a pioneer in Indian cuisine, has introduced a limited time offer on its lunch buffet at three Bangalore based restaurants. Guests can now enjoy an unlimited lunch buffet infused with flavours from India’s Northwest Frontier Province, for just INR 499 plus taxes. These revised prices have been applied at Copper Chimney restaurants that are situated at Koramangala, Yelahanka, and Indira Nagar. The new price applies from Monday to Friday at rupees 499 plus taxes and Saturday – Sunday 699 plus taxes, lunch buffet in Bangalore are an unbeatable value. The earlier price for the same buffet was 699 from Monday to Saturday and 799 on Sunday. Getting the quality and sumptuous meal at such meagre amount is a great deal for Bangalore folks.

Born from J K Kapur’s desire to share the rich culinary heritage of undivided India’s Northwest Frontier Province, Copper Chimney was inaugurated in Mumbai in 1972. Since then, it’s recognised as the leading restaurant brand in India. A pioneer of Indian cuisine, Copper Chimney brings authentic flavours from India’s Northwest Frontier Province to Bangalore; something no other restaurant does.  At Copper Chimney, custom made tandoors extract every ounce of flavour from freshly sourced ingredients and infuse every grill with a unique taste. For 8 hours précised meat and vegetable cuts, chops and meat are marinated and slow-cooked. The result is original and mouth-watering creations.

Copper Chimneys tandoors are fired at first light, dals cooked slowly, and curries meticulously made from scratch. On its buffet are delicacies prepared by Ustad’s; artists who have nurtured their culinary skills for decades to become masters of their craft. Ustads master preparing a single dish over years and intimately understand ingredients, textures, and tastes. Their expertise sets Copper Chimney apart. A dining experience at Copper Chimney is a premium experience. Copper Chimney guests enjoy a meal in an upscale-casual & contemporary setting. The interiors of Copper Chimney are inspired by art deco, old colonial architecture, and contemporary Indian design. From the bar, guests order fine wine to enhance the flavour of rich grills.

Speaking about the buffets lowered price, Copper Chimneys Brand Director Mrs. Shikha Nath said “We are inspired by Mr. J K Kapur’s passion to be the leader in Indian cuisine. Long ago we realised this vision when we were recognised as the best restaurant in India. Today we want more people from Bangalore to enjoy authentic North Indian cuisine. While other restaurants purporting to serve North Indian cuisine in Bangalore introduce local flavours, we don’t. This ensures our guests have as authentic an experience as possible. Guests enjoy their buffet seated in an upscale-casual and contemporary setting with a view of an open kitchen”.

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