Designer Masaba Gupta at the Femina December issue cover


‘’We are not trying to use body positivity as a gimmick,’’ reveals Masaba Gupta in the latest issue of Femina

“Body positivity to me means not being judgemental and all about first accepting yourself,” says the inspirational Masaba Gupta in the latest issue of Femina

She’s a firebrand of a woman, a designer, an actor, an influencer. The term jack of all trades certainly falls short when used to describe the ‘Bright, Bold and Beautiful’ Masaba Gupta. Speaking about all things fashion, her lifestyle and style choices, being a youth icon, the marvellous Masaba dons the latest issue of Femina. Shedding light on how she thinks her flagship brand, House of Masaba and she are two different personalities, she says, “I prefer it that way (being two different people. I feel that a brand should float on its own and should not be tied to one person or an idea.’’

Being a huge proponent of body positivity and inclusivity, Masaba’s brand has always represented clothes for people across different sizes and age groups. Speaking about body positivity, she says, “Body positivity to me means not being judgemental. It is all about first accepting yourself because, if you don’t love yourself and accept yourself the way you are, you won’t have room to do that for other people. We are not trying to use body positivity as a gimmick with the idea of using bigger models and dark-skinned girls. This shouldn’t be a marketing trick, but rather a serious change in the way we think, and that, to me is body positivity.”

Speaking about her recent show, Masaba Masaba, which has gained a lot of appreciation from the audience, she goes down memory lane to describe her zeal for acting. The designer-turned-actor reminisced visiting sets with her mother as a young girl and falling in love with the world of cinema. “I was so excited! On the sets, I couldn’t have been happier; I was living my dream. I remember wanting to act when I was 14. As far as Masaba Masaba goes, the show’s producer, came up with this great idea of making my life into a ‘mockumentary’, a mix of fiction and reality where I would be playing myself. I think that was path-breaking for Indian platforms and I just wanted to do something different and push myself to try something new.”

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