The Haunted beach in India, the Dumas Beach


If you are daring enough to have a thrilling walk, then choose Dumas Beach.

Dumas beach is one of the prime tourist attractions in Gujarat. It looks too beautiful and serene during the day time whereas it looks extremely quiet which makes one spine-chilling. Of course, everyone will be interested in listening to the thrill-filled stories. And we have one such thrilling tale which is related to Dumas Beach in Gujarat. But when it comes to haunting places in India, Bhangarh Fort and Kuldhara in Rajasthan and Agrasen ki Baoli in Delhi top the list. Meanwhile, here is an equally haunted place as that of Bhangarh and Kuldhara. The beach looks as realistic as the natural serene place during day time whereas it looks devilish calm after the sunset. This particular beach is located exactly in Surat and it is visited by countless travelers and tourists each and every day. When it falls dark, the crowd will be seemingly less to avoid bad happenings. But the daring soul will be staying at the beach for a thrilling experience who will either found missing or will be sharing the bad thrilling experience.

No one can explain the mystery behind the paranormal happenings of the beach. The beach also served as Hindu Burial Place which may be the reason for its haunted look. The beach being located along the Arabian Sea considered to be one of the haunted places in Gujarat. The locals explain that the existence of black sand is due to the amount of ash created by burning the dead which eventually got mixed up with white sand of the beach and transformed the peaceful white into the deadly dark in shade.

How eerie it would be if you’ve been standing all alone in the midst of the dark atmosphere and you have already heard of the thrilling haunted stories about that particular you are!

It is undeniable that the beach has been instilled with the queer atmosphere. The ambiance of the beach is as beautiful as it is yet it is as depressing as it looks dark in the evening. There are uncountable paranormal activities been reported after the day time. The reports have been shown as several tourists and locals have gone missing from Surat’s haunted beach. People also profess that they heard bizarre sounds from the beach while there is no single soul to scream at the beach. Locals also claim that they have witnessed some mysterious phantom along with other mysterious happenings that cannot be explained. And visitors are allowed to a certain point of the beach and are warned after a certain level.

So, the daring travel souls can challenge the Dumas Beach at Surat in Gujarat!

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