Durga Puja with Taj Hotels-Chennai


Celebrate the auspicious festival dedicated to the worship of Goddess Durga with special DURGA PUJA MOHA BHOJ from Taj Coromandel and the Pujo Treasure Box and Grand Pujo Feast from Vivanta Chennai, IT Expressway. The Chefs have designed an interesting menu filled with traditional flavours. Guests can order these from Qmin by calling the dedicated toll-free number 1800 266 7646.


Taj Coromandel presents vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis with delicacies like Dhone pata postor bora (Shallow fried poppy seed and fresh coriander patty); Bhetki maacher paturi (Mustard marinated steamed bhetki fish, wrapped in banana leaf); Mangsher chop (Shallow fried spiced lamb mince medallions); Echorer korma (Jackfruit cooked in spiced onion gravy); Korisuti diye bhaja moong dal (Roasted yellow moong lentils, green peas with cumin powder); Chingri maacher malai curry (Tiger prawns, coconut milk gravy); Kancha lonka diye murgi (Chicken cooked in onion and green chilli); Kosha mangsho (Lamb braised in onion, coriander and red chillies). Savour these with aromatic Bashanti pulao (Basmati rice, desi ghee, dry fruits); Radhaballabhi (Puffed fried bread flavoured with asafoetida); Tinkona paratha (Griddle cooked triangular whole wheat bread); and Tomato khajurer chutney (Tomato and dates relish), and round off the meal with favourite desserts like Kamalabhog (Orange flavoured poached chenna dumpling, immersed in sugar syrup); Mishti doi (Fermented sweetened curd) and Bhapa sandesh (Traditional Bengali sweet – steamed Sandesh). The Veg Moha Bhoj is priced at INR 2600 plus taxes and the Non-veg Moha Bhoj is priced at INR 2900 plus taxes, (Each serves two.)


From Vivanta Chennai, IT Expressway comes favourites like Beguni, aloo jhuri bhaja (Crisp, batter fried eggplant and straw potato); Aloor dum (a lightly spiced, slightly sweet potato curry cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices); Kolkata mutton biryani (aromatic, saffron soaked fragrant basmati rice, potato, lamb chunks cooked overnight in a sealed degh, Kolkata’s tribute to a masterstroke curated in the kitchens of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah); the classic Chicken chaap (Slow cooked chicken thigh, marinated overnight, cooked in onion, ginger-garlic, cashews and poppy seeds gravy); Narikel diye cholar dal (Bengal gram, coconut and fragrant spice mix); a timeless Bengali classic Golda chingrir malai curry (Tiger prawns, coconut milk, flavored with spices); Kosha mangsho (Traditional Bengali delicacy, spicy mutton curry); Rosogolla payesh (Soft spongy cottage cheese dumplings in a sweet reduced creamy milk); Bhapa doi (Steamed yoghurt pudding: and the classic Phirni from the regal kitchens of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah (Creamy sweet pudding made with powdered rice, milk, almonds, saffron and cardamom, sweetened with sugar). The Pujo Treasure Box is priced at INR 1800 plus taxes, serves two, while the Grand Pujo Feast is priced at INR 2800 plus taxes, serves two.


With Qmin, order these delicious boxes from your favourite restaurant, and they will be delivered at your doorstep. Qmin’s stringent protocols of safety and hygiene include contact-less delivery and the mandatory use of protective gear for delivery executives in thoroughly sanitized vehicles. The packaging is eco-friendly utilizing bio-degradable materials, and with customized insulation boxes to preserve the food whilst being delivered.


Date: October  23 – 25, 2020   |  To place your order / for more details, please call 1800 266 7646. Or visit www.qmin.co.in

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