Enjoy Exciting SEX, Satisfying Orgasms And Enhanced Sleep Wearing Socks!


Sleep with Socks To Enjoy Better SEX!

Sleeping is an indispensable one in everyone’s life. Your brain and body need to get rest and so sleeping is very important for your body as per The National Institute of Health. Most of the people have encountered the difficulty of getting asleep from time to time and one trick is that they may not try sleeping with their socks on. To some people, it might sound strange and you might have seen Hollywood movies where the foreigners sleep with their socks on. This is because temperature regulation is an essential part of the sleep cycle. Let’s check out the benefits of sleeping with socks on.

ENJOY BETTER SEX: According to a study from early 2005, the couples who wore socks in bed were more likely to get orgasm during sex. Also, it reportedly noted the brain responses during sex and found that cold feet put off the people. It would be that the blood in your body is flowing quicker, making it easier to orgasm. Keeping the body warm by wearing socks helps the blood vessels in your feet dilate which results in better blood flow, leading to more satisfying orgasms.

ENHANCES THE SLEEP: You might think that you would feel overheat when you wear socks in bed. But in truth, this habit of wearing socks might assist the body’s internal temperature regulation. A study has shown that adults who wore either normal or heated socks in bed gotta sleep faster. The reason behind this is because of an individual’s core body temperature drops during the night, reaches the lowest temperature around 4 am. The fact is that warming up your feet and hands makes your blood vessels dilate, a response which is called vasodilation. This, in turn, releases the heat through the skin and further helps to lower the core body temperature. And thus, it sends a message to the brain that it is bedtime.

REDUCES RAYNAUD’S SYMPTOMS: If your hands and feet are frequently cold, then it could be a sign of Raynaud’s disease. It is a disease that affects the blood vessels in the skin and usually attacks when a person is feeling cold or stressed. During this attack, you may feel extremely cold and numb and there might be changes in color to white to blue. A person who experiences this attack should consult the doctor. Wearing socks in bed could help the person to reduce the symptoms and keeps them warm throughout the day as well.

AVERTS HOT FLUSHES: When women going through menopause, they will experience the got flushes or flashes. They may encounter symptoms such as sweating, palpitations, flushing of the face and a sudden sensation of intense warmth which spreads through the body. In this case, the ability of the socks might help you to decrease the lower core body temperature during the night can be more beneficial in preventing the hot flashes.

So, it is good to wear socks while sleeping as it promotes sleeping better.

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