Ethnicity Launches at Commercial Street!


Continuing with the festive cheer, Ethnicity has opened its doors to the people of Bengaluru, on the iconic Commercial Street – one of the oldest and busiest fashion streets of the city. With the addition of this store in the southern market of Karnataka, Ethnicity’s retail presence is growing from strength to strength.

During these unpredictable times, Ethnicity has taken a bold step by launching this store at the eclectic Commercial Street, to celebrate and get India and Bengaluru ticking again. This store is sure to usher in a new Indianwear shopping experience on this bustling street that is a shopper’s paradise.

The ensembles at Ethnicity are curated keeping in mind the Indian consumer with a modern mindset; with a touch of panache synonymous with Indian craftsmanship in all the collections – be it in the style, cut or design of the garments. The rich culture that India has to offer is ingrained in each apparel available at Ethnicity, which introduces you to unique prints, patterns, textures and colours inspired by local artisans across the country.

Our Ethnicity Commercial Street store will be a one-stop shopping destination in Bengaluru, that will cater to all the Indianwear needs of women, men and children under one roof. Speaking on this occasion, Ameet Panchal, CEO, Ethnicity, said “We are very happy to be a part of Commercial Street as it is one of the landmark destinations for lifestyle shopping in Bengaluru. With this addition, we will be able to reach out to more of our customers and provide them with Indianwear for all occasions, be it to Work-from-Home or for Festivities. Walk into our stores and you will find apparels that appreciate and value the rich heritage of our country.”

Ameet Panchal also said, “Sanitation and hygiene are a huge part of the daily routine at all our stores. From sanitizing the store on a daily basis to having masks and gloves available at the store, providing a secure shopping environment that ensures customers’ safety, is of our utmost priority.”

For a brand that is on a mission to meet Indianwear fashion needs across the globe, the launch of this store is yet another step forward in that direction.

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