Everything You Need to Know About National Mango Day – July 22

Mango is indeed one of the biggest and most popular fruits. It is more than simply a fruit; it is also a component of culture and traditions in many places around the world. Mangos were first farmed in India about five thousand years ago. In summertime, many people choose mango fruit and make Mango shakes, smoothies, mango cake, mango ice cream, and other dishes around India. Anyway, The 22nd of July is National Mango Day or Mango Day. According to The Hindu, Kannapuram in the Kannur district of Kerala has been designated as an ‘Indigenous Mango Heritage Area.’ Mangoes of about 200 varieties grow inside this panchayat. And if you didn’t already know, Kannapuram is home to a wide range of indigenous mango kinds.

History of Mango Day:


The day’s legacy and beginnings are uncertain, but as previously discussed, mango has a long history. And as mentioned above, Mangoes were first planted in India more than five thousand years ago. It is intricately linked to Indian mythology and religious events. A mango plantation was gifted to Buddha personally. Mango, as the fruit is called in English and Spanish-speaking nations, is thought to have gotten its name from Malayam manna, and once the Portuguese arrived in Kerala in 1498 for said spice trade, they called it manga. Because of the difficulty in shipping seeds, the tree wasn’t really transmitted into the Western World until before 1700, and then when it was seeded in Brazil, it arrived in the West Indies around 1740. These luscious fruit Mangoes are grown in most frost-free tropical areas.

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Some popular stories about Mango to know this Mango Day:

The first Mango story is about an experimental success. Horticulturists seem to have been able to grow multiple types of mangoes in a single tree in research. This first tree in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, has 121 types blooming on it.

A tweet from @skayeterboy on Twitter will most likely make you giggle and remember about your school days. The following is what the user tweeted:

“my dad bought 15 mangoes and didn’t tell my mom so she bought 10 mangoes and now we are the people from the math problems”

Another Mango Day story is about Rani and Sankalp Parihar, who recruited bodyguards and dogs to preserve one of the most highly-priced mango kinds grown on their plantation. It would be Miyazaki mangoes from Japan. They employed six watchdogs and four security people to defend their two trees.

How you can celebrate National Mango Day:

You can purchase a lot of mangoes on this day and test out a number of dishes. Mango comes in a variety of flavours that you may share with your friends and colleagues. Each type has its own distinct texture and flavour. Mangoes can also be consumed raw or used to produce drinks, smoothies, cakes, ice creams, and other desserts. You could read a book involving mangoes on this day. For National Mango Day, you can also publish images and Share them online through social media.

Some amazing Mango Dishes to try this Mango Day:
Mango and Coconut Trifles

With the help of mangoes, liquor, and coconut flavours, transform a basic trifle into a sophisticated treat. It’s a fantastic Festive dessert.

Mango Margarita

Mango Magarita

For a tropical twist on a popular vacation drink, use really ripe mangoes. The riper the mango is, the more balanced the flavour.

Mango Chutney

Mango Chutney

Make a traditional mango chutney to use with rice dishes, bread, or burgers. It is an excellent gift for family members and friends, and it can also be frozen.

Kulfi with Mangoes

Kulfi is often created from several hours of simmered milk. However, you can prepare it with condensed milk to ensure that all of the hard work is done for you by using just the proper amount of mangoes.

What are some of your favourite Mango recipes and do you plan to prepare them this Mango day? Let us know!

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