Femina launches the Femina Spark initiative to narrate powerful and inspiring stories of women in Uttar Pradesh


It’s 2021 and Indian women are rewriting the rules. They are at the forefront of every key field and industry in the country, shining bright against all odds and adversities. Femina, India’s leading women’s brand, begins a new chapter in its 60-year-old history of empowering women by introducing a novel initiative called Femina Spark. With the mission to ‘Light Up Her Spirit’, Femina, in the first edition of its initiative, will join hands with the Uttar Pradesh government to shine the spotlight on the awe-inspiring and powerful stories of its fearless female leaders and iconoclasts. The effort will also aim at spreading awareness on women’s safety and dignity, which dovetails with the Mission Shakti campaign driven by the state government.

Said the Honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shri Yogi Adityanath, reiterating his government’s commitment to the safety and dignity of women, “Time and again, women have proven their mettle in every sphere of life. Be it as homemakers or at work outside, as a taxi-driver or the CEO of a multinational company, women have shown that, with just a little encouragement, they can touch great heights… I hope and believe that society will emerge as more sensitive and responsible towards women’s rights and dignity.”

Speaking on the Femina Spark initiative, Mr. Deepak Lamba, CEO of Worldwide Media, said, “Uttar Pradesh is at the cusp of an empowerment revolution where women are taking charge of their lives and narratives. To witness this phase unfold and to inspire the community, we will advocate for the equality and prosperity of women from all walks of life.”

The Femina Spark campaign will bring to light a host of issues related to women that are prevalent in society, as well as identify and celebrate achievers from every walk of life. The core idea of #MainBhiShakti will be explored through thought-provoking stories, spirited anthems, testimonies of the female leaders of Uttar Pradesh, along with awareness workshops.

Femina will also curate a series of videos featuring celebrities and influencers, as well an exclusive interaction with the Honourable CM.

The Femina Spark campaign with amplify its underlying message of women’s empowerment, the very crux of the #MainBhiShakti campaign, on ground by travelling across the state and visiting schools, universities, public and government offices, commercial establishments, anganwadis and hospitals. Femina will drive the initiative of reaching millions of women across the country. By having such inspirational leaders highlight their vision to make a difference for the better, along with reaching out to as extensive and diverse an audience as possible, the purpose-driven Femina Spark initiative will leave no stone unturned to instil the change we all want to see.

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