Fennel Seeds Infused Water And Its 6 Healthful Benefits


Otherwise known as saunf, Fennel seeds are used in cooking various dishes in the kitchen. It is also one of the common spices used in India for its amazing flavor and aroma. Due to its great flavor for the curries, you forget to realize its incredible health benefits. Packed with minerals such as potassium, manganese, zinc, iron, and copper, fennel seeds would be helpful in developing your overall health. You could have it in your everyday diet in the form of liquid, which means you could have fennel seeds water, or tea. All you have to do is to add a tsp of fennel seeds into the water and allow it to soak overnight, and you could have it in the next morning. So, check out the following health benefits of fennel seeds water.

PURIFIES THE BLOOD: With the help of essential oil in the fennel seeds could be helpful in cleansing harmful toxins from the body. Additionally, it could also clean your blood and even consuming fennel tea would be helpful in absorbing more nutrients.

PROVIDES HEALTHY DIGESTION: When it comes to digestive issues, you just have only one easy solution of drinking fennel seeds water or tea daily. It would thus promote the production of gastric enzymes and controls all the digestion related problems. Further, it would also keep the digestive tract healthy thereby treating constipation, indigestion, and bloating.

DECREASES THE MENSTRUAL CRAMPS: When you have fennel seeds water, it would be helpful in lowering the pain during those days of the month. It could also be helpful in easing the symptoms of menopause and even deals with irregular menstruation. Just chewing the fennel seeds, could stimulate menstruation naturally.

MANAGES BLOOD PRESSURE: You might already know that fennel seeds are loaded with potassium which is excellent for your body. They would be helpful in regulating the healthy blood pressure of your body. In addition to this, the fennel seeds are helpful in regulating the heart rate of your body.

PREVENTS CANCER: Fennel seeds are highly helpful in shielding your body from various types of cancers including stomach, skin, and breast cancer. It fights against the free radicals in your body which is the major cause of cancer.

GREAT FOR HEALTHY VISION: Since vitamin A is known as an eye vitamin, it could be helpful in improving vision. This is why it is important to have vitamin A rich diet every day. Here comes the fennel seeds which are rich in vitamin A and in turn helps in enhancing the health of the eyes. So, you could have a glass of fennel water daily to improve your eyesight and bid adieu to the spectacles.

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