Festive cheers: Show how much you care about the health and safety of your near and dear ones


This festive season will not be like last year and big bashes or gatherings are definitely a big no. With Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Karvachauth and Chhath Pooja around the corner, brands are continuously innovating and coming up with ways in which they can help people adapt to the new normal and enjoy the festivities to the fullest. Delivering a positive, emotional impact is an important component of a gift in the current scenario. This year small and intimate family gatherings will be organized and health and hygiene is everyone’s top priority. So, to keep the house bacteria-free and yourself clean and hygienic, Pee Safe and its sister concern, Raho Safe have introduced a high-quality and affordable line of hygiene products.

Mantra Pack – The mantra to the ultimate hygienic living. Stay prepared and stay protected with Pee Safe Mantra Pack. The pack is specially designed to take care of your hygiene and cleanliness even when you’re on the move with its pocket-friendly travel bag.

Price – Rs 1299

Link – https://www.peesafe.com/products/mantra-pack

Intimate Care Pack For Men – Worrying about personal hygiene and sanitation is no longer a luxury. This is a need.

Price – 739

Link – https://www.peesafe.com/products/intimate-care-pack-for-men

Reusable Menstrual Cups (Small) + Intimate Wash 105ml – Caring for your intimate hygiene has never been more important. Pee Safe brings you the perfect combination of menstrual products that helps you overcome most hurdles on your way and make you feel comfortable and fresh all day long.

Price – 420

Link – https://www.peesafe.com/products/reusable-menstrual-cups-small-intimate-wash-105ml

Breast Pads – Pack Of 2 – Disposable Breast Pads. This is an absolute lifesaver for the nursing mothers as these breast pads draw excess milk away from the skin onto to the pad and avoid leakages. It has elastic sides for perfect fit and is also very thin, making it discreet under your clothing.

Price 499

Link – https://www.peesafe.com/products/breast-pads-pack-of-2

Multipurpose Disinfectant Spray – Pack Of 2- A product best suited for the elimination of harmful germs, including bacteria. The spray works on both hard and soft surfaces, such as tables, chairs, desks and sofas.

Price – Rs 199

Link – https://www.peesafe.com/products/multipurpose-disinfectant-spray-pack-of-2

Kitchen Essentials – Keep your kitchen equipped with the most up-to-date care products to keep you safe and your daily consumption behaviours. The pack keeps you confident and free of all germs and adds to healthy germ removal practices.

Price – Rs. 448

Link – https://www.peesafe.com/products/kitchen-essentials

Diwali Gift Pack- Jacqueline- Get your hands on Jacqueline’s favourite Raho Safe essentials. Carefully handpicked to keep you safe and sound. Grab this autographed box filled with all the goodness of your everyday necessities. The package includes all the essentials necessary to take care of your well-being and ensures effective protection throughout the package.

Price – Rs 1799

Link – https://www.peesafe.com/products/diwali-gift-pack-jacqueline

Outdoor Care Pack – High polish yellow gold studs that have a rectangular motif with two parallel lines enamelled in Black.

Price – Rs 999

Link – https://www.peesafe.com/products/outdoor-care-pack

Home Care Pack- Keep your home safe from all harmful evils with Home Care Pack and ensure that your environment is protected by germs at all times. Home Care Pack includes multiple hygiene essentials required to protect both hard and soft surfaces.

Price – Rs 699

Link – https://www.peesafe.com/products/home-care-pack

Diwali Cleaning Combo – This Diwali, stay protected from all harmful evil and get yourself the ultimate guide to good hygiene and sanitation with Raho Safe Diwali Cleaning Combo. The pack includes all hygiene essentials necessary to look after you and your surroundings.

Price – Rs 1199

Link – https://www.peesafe.com/products/diwali-cleaning-combo

Raho Safe Sanitary Pads – Regular 240mm (Pack Of 4) – 24 Count – Raho Safe Sanitary Pads are designed with a 5 layer protection that helps to be the natural self during periods. It ensures that you stay free of rash and provide a leak proof experience. The pad provides optimum coverage of 240 mm, giving you full access to comfort for the whole day and a floral fragrance to avoid unpleasant odour. Raho Safe Sanitary Pad also comes with Biodegradable disposable bags and is the most economical choice for menstrual hygiene.

Price – 112

Link – https://www.peesafe.com/products/sanitary-pads-regular-240mm-pack-of-4-24-count

Printed Cloth Mask For Kids – Pack Of 4 – Raho Face Mask is a breathable and reusable mask made with fine weaved cotton and infused with silver for extra protection. It sits comfortably and doesn’t tug at your ears, giving you the best comfort while wearing the coolest designs.

Price – Rs 499

Link – https://www.peesafe.com/products/printed-cloth-mask-for-kids-pack-of-4

Printed Cloth Mask For Adults- Pack Of 4 – Raho Face Mask is a breathable and reusable mask made with fine weaved cotton and infused with silver for extra protection. It sits comfortably and doesn’t tug at your ears, giving you the best comfort while wearing the coolest designs.

Price – Rs 499

Link – https://www.peesafe.com/products/printed-cloth-mask-for-adults-pack-of-4

Protection Pack – Raho Safe Protection Pack is an assortment of all the essentials necessary to take the right precautions. The products included in the pack will keep you safe and protect you from harmful bacteria. It’s the perfect pack to help you protect yourself from unidentified bacteria and germs and keep your surroundings secure.

Price – Rs 399

Link – https://www.peesafe.com/products/protection-pack

Travel Kit – The pandemic has made us realise the value of maintaining proper hygiene. Pee Safe recognises this value and brings you all necessary hygiene kit items required to keep you safe and sound while you’re on the move with Pee Safe’s safety travel kit. Travel Kit is most ideal choice to go for every time you look for a hygiene kit for traveling.

Price – 789

Link – https://www.peesafe.com/products/travel-kit

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