FIRST DATE: 10 Super Best Charming Ways To Make A Striking Impression


First impressions are everything, Ensure to leave a great impression!

With dating sites like Tinder and TrulyMadly becoming popular, meeting new people has never been this easy. Dating is also more accepted now than it was a few years ago. Whether it is a movie date or a dinner date, here are some things that you might want to keep in mind:

Dress well: Dressing well is a sure sign that your date will be attracted to you. Looking too casual, messy can be quite disrespectful to your date. Also, you don’t have to overdo your dressing. Always bring your unique style and keep the make-up also minimal. Loud make-up can sometimes give wrong impressions and can put your date off.

Be yourself: You can be yourself, but not to the extreme. Everybody has their own quirks and idiosyncrasies and you can portray a little bit of that. Moderation is always the key. All of us have something special and unique about us and it is on occasions like this that bringing these to the surface makes sense.

Be honest: On your date, you needn’t be very honest. You need to be honest in matters where lying may cost you the relationship. For example, you can lie about what you ate on that particular day, but it’s better you don’t lie about the job you are doing or the relationships you have had. We live in such a small world and the truth about us may have a way of coming out with social media and technology giving us every ounce of detail about us.

No nagging/No complaining: You can nag and complain if you are alone or to your close friends who don’t mind that side of you. When you are on a date, always try to wear a smile, be pleasant and be the best version of yourself. Is that too much to ask for? Then, at least make an effort.

Be Kind: Your date did not meet your expectations and you feel so disappointed. It is important for you to be kind and considerate. Avoid being rude, mean or sarcastic on your date as that may upset your date.

Let the conversation be about the date: Everybody loves talking about themselves. Let the date be a platform to know more about your date. If you are the kind who loves chatting, then do that but also listen to your date and find out what they have to say about the topics that interest you giving you a chance to understand whether the date has the potential to be your future boyfriend or girlfriend.

Don’t force conversations with your date: Both of you like each other, but the conversations are just not happening according to plan or as they did offline. In case conversations are not free-flowing and you are still interested in each other, it is a sign that both of you have to meet more and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything else.

Do not ask many questions: The worst questions to ask anyone during a date is their salary, whether they like you, ask him/her when you want to meet again. In case your date asks you questions that make you uncomfortable, then be evasive and change the topic. However, asking a person about their long-term plans or passions are not questions that will upset them.

Compliment when necessary: Guys do compliment girls about their looks and their outfits. Girls can also compliment guys, but not go overboard. A compliment is a sure way to make the conversation more interesting and can lead to more exciting discussions during your date. Sentences like, ‘’ You are really cute ‘’and ‘’Being with you is fun ‘’, can make your date more comfortable.

Don’t do something just to impress: There are some people who stop eating a week before the date just to get into a dress. For example, wearing an outfit that your best friend told you to even though you are not comfortable is not cool. If you want to do something, do it from your heart and your date will be impressed!

Relax: It is normal to be anxious before a date. You can relax down by playing some feel-good music, talking to a buddy who will have a few tips for your date or taking a small nap. First-timers will be more anxious than people who go on regular dates and that is normal as it is a new concept to them. If you are a few dates old, being worried may longer be there in your dictionary.

Go ahead and have a great date!

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