Gentlemen! 7 Effortless Ways To Captivate A Girl This Valentine’s Day


Are you really attracted to someone but they did not give you any clue? If you are too much into someone and they not even reciprocate, then you gotta take much more effort to attract them. If you want to attract or impress a girl to make her fall in love, for a date, or without even talking to her, you could make it happen now in simple ways. You might have done something to allure a girl but she does not have shown any cue in return. In this case, you could have missed some essence in the process of attracting a girl. So, here are a few tips for you to attract a girl easily.

SMILE IS EVERYTHING: The first and foremost thing you have to do is to smile when you approach a girl. No matter how many times you are meeting her, you just have to smile at her when you get a glimpse of her or see her. If you are going to meet a girl who is standing alone or with her pals or in the street or traveling alone or in the club, just give her a warm smile. This would in turn help to spread positive vibes around you. However, if you smile through the whole conversation, it would bring a bad impression on you. So, remember to give a warm smile at the very moment you meet her.

EYE CONTACT MATTERS: In order to express your thoughts and feelings, you just have to take a deep breath and look deep into her eyes while communicating with her. You might have even heard that eye contact is essential while having communication. This is because when you look straight into their eyes, it would expose your confidence and honesty. This act of attracting a girl would make you the gentle guy standing in front of her.

SHOW HER SOMETHING BLOSSOMING BETWEEN YOU: Okay! You know very well that you are attracted to a girl and she is more than a friend to you. You have to express to her directly as to what you feel for her and make her understand that there is something between you.

MAKE USE OF YOUR HUMOR: Try using humor to attract your girl but you have to be careful as well. A woman who laughs with you out of teasing or complicity would end up being with you whereas a woman who laughs at you by mocking or derision or embarrassment would not feel attracted to you. So, you could be playful with your girl.

HAVE SELF-ESTEEM AND GOOD BODY LANGUAGE: Well, it is your body language that exhibits more about your self-esteem and emotional state. Your gesture, facial expressions everything comes under your body language and it is these elements that help your impression game or makes it a messy one as well. So, make sure to build your self-confidence and body language.

BE A PUZZLE: When you talk to your girl or the girl you are going to impress, you just have to approach her and have a conversation about her. It might be things or stuff that interest her the most. Meanwhile, you have to reveal yourself from time to time but not often. So, she would now take it as a mystery and would be eagerly waiting to know about you.

AVOID ASKING PERMISSION: Hey guys! If a girl rejects you sternly, it means you stop at this point. But If you are about to kiss a girl or getting into physical contact, just do not ask for permission but you could go for it. If you ask permission for everything, she would be tired of you or she would feel tedious. This is because women like men to be in action and those who take charge.

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