Get your breakfast right with Plate & Pint’s Wholesome Brekkie Bowls

Brekkie Bowls:
Get your breakfast right with Plate & Pint’s Wholesome Brekkie Bowls that will leave you happy & satiated. With a variety of ingredients that not only complement each other but enhance the flavours for a deliciously healthy experience, bowls are the ideal way to start your day. 
You can indulge in the Vegan Breakfast Bowl with Spicy Tofu, Quinoa, Baked Beans & Hashbrowns or order up a Korean Bibimbap Bowl with Zucchini, Carrots, Mushrooms, Spinach, Sesame & Red Rice served along with Cottage Cheese or Chicken. You can also make it vegan by replacing the protein with Tofu! 
If you’re in the mood for Mexican, you can try their Burrito Bowl or take the Mediterranean route with the Falafel Bowl. Each of them are hearty options with a great nutritional value for your body. You can gobble up our special E.A.T.S with Eggs, Avocado, Toast & Salad
Are you starting your day with Plate & Pint? 
WHAT: Brekkie Bowls
WHEN: All Day Breakfast
WHERE: Plate and Pint, Ground Floor, Dhun Abad, 106 B, Desai Road, Mumbai 400026
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