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Diwali special hampers 

Diwali, widely known as the festival of lights, delicious food and gifts is just around the corner. The festival brings in lots of promises for the new beginnings. It is a festival that brings in love, generosity and happiness giving everyone an opportunity to make their loved ones feel special. Exchanging gifts on Diwali is a long standing tradition that helps enhance the essence of this joyous festival.  This year, it’s all about Vocal for Local and Justbe Resto Café is doing just the same in the most perfect way by keeping their culture and traditions intact by supporting the local community in these challenging times.

Make Diwali celebrations special with Justbe Resto Café. The restaurant is all set to make this festival special for you and for their artisans who selflessly have supported the café during the festive period. The eco-friendly hampers include a hand painted diya from Belaku Handicrafts made by socially disadvantaged women and differently abled people providing them self reliant opportunities; spices infusion tea, a mix of 21 herbs and spices is a recipe passed on for generations in Nidhi’s family; Medjool Dates, a healthiest sweetener are full of fibres, minerals and healthy antioxidants that will satisfy the sweet cravings in a healthy way; Pottery, the humble gift will showcase the rich heritage of Indian pottery as a contribution to the movement of the revival of the ancient art; Agarbatti, the handmade eco-friendly incense sticks made with bamboo sticks are packed in recycle packaging are made in Auroville by the artisans of the local community; Rosemerry Plant which is best known for its taste and smell and is best used for medicinal purpose; Steel straw and bamboo toothbrush; Immunity Mix made of cumin and fenugreek seeds are rich in immunity booster which again is passed on from generations in Nidhi’s family; Cow Dung Diya, handcrafted locally in Harlur located near Bangalore to give back to the environment by lighting the cowdung diya, it will purify the air with zero waste.

Surprise your loved ones with a carefully selected, customized hamper of your choice and make Diwali a sparkling ­affair for your loved ones and these artisans.

One buy will make a less disadvantaged family celebrate Diwali better this year!

Feel free to customize the Diwali hampers just the way you like it!

Don’t Hamper your Happiness, go guilt free this Diwali 2020! 

Date: November 2020 – preorder

Venue: Justbe Resto Café | 383/31, Ground and First Floor, 13th Cross Rd, Sadashiva Nagar, Armane Nagar

Price: INR 2500/- onwards

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