Here’s the Ultimate Guide to Becoming the India’s Next Viral Sensation


~ Featuring Ahsaas Channa, Bhavini Soni, Jasmeet (Jizzy), Abhishek Jha and Durin Das, Girliyapa’s latest sketch will be your TikTok guru ~

Gone are the days of people having to struggle to become popular. Riding on the massive fandom of TikTok, today’s generation can now become an overnight sensation with the click of a button. In an attempt to portray the art of mastering a TikTok video, Girliyapa, from the house of TVF, brings to you, with their latest sketch, the ultimate guide for ‘How to Be a TikTok Star’!

Not being an easy job, becoming a TikTok sensation is a process in itself. And who better that the girls at Girliyapa to take you through it? In the latest sketch, we follow our charming lead Rashi, a sharp but demure girl who decides to take up the challenge of becoming India’s next viral TikTok sensation. With mounting pressure from friends and family to make it big, Rashi decides to hop on the TikTok bandwagon.

In her quest to become the talk of TikTok town, she receives a masterclass in the dos and don’ts of the TikTok sphere. This sketch follows Rashi in her bid to become India’s next big TikTok Star, as she takes on the golden rules to internet stardom. This sketch is peppered with good doses of hilarity and surefire tricks to achieving TikTok fame. Does Rashi emerge triumphant as a household TikTok name? Or does her quest get to the better of her? To find out, don’t miss this sketch!

Written and directed by Mayank Pandey, and starring our favourite digital stars Ahsaas Channa, Bhavini Soni, Jasmeet (Jizzy), Abhishek Jha and Durin Das, this sketch will show you what it takes to become a TikTok Star!

Watch the video here:

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