Home remedies for super silky Hair


“The hair is the richest ornament of  women.”

Love for hair is something that is inborn. It might be a long hair with a sweet soul or a short hair with a brave soul, they should treat the hair well. However, it is the duty of the women to look after their beautiful slaying hair. The hair speaks more than your lips and it is slaying with shinning curve weapon. Treating your hair is a challenging target for working women and even for men. It is advisable if you treat your hair at least a week with extra attention. You can choose every weekend to treat your hair.

Home treatments:

Treat your dry hair with apple cider vinegar: Use the shine producing hair mask for your hair. It helps to remove the product that gives rise to dull hair during the winter months. The Vitamin E present in the argan oil nourishes and softens the strands. To prepare a mixture, add the required amount of avocado, argan oil, rosemary essential oil, and apple cider vinegar and mix it together. Apply it on the hair and leave it for 15 minutes. Then you can clean it along with the shampoo.

Repair all types of hair with eggs: “The raw egg is really the best of all worlds” says Janice Cox, author of Natural Beauty at Home. It is said that egg yolks can be used for moisturizing dry, brittle hair and egg whites can be used to treat oily hair.

Moisturize your dull hair with yogurt or curd: No matter how dry your hair looks, it can be treated with dairy products like sour cream and plain yogurt. Massage with the required amount of sour cream or plain yogurt into your damp hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Clean it with warm water and then by cool water and then by shampoo as usual.

Say goodbye to the itchy scalp with lemon: To get rid of winter dryness, try lemon juice and olive mixture in your hair. Let the required mixture settle into the damp scalp for 20 minutes and then later rinse with shampoo.

Use coconut oil to strengthen: Coconut oil is the foremost thing to be used for cooking, cleaning and conditioning your hair. Apply coconut oil in your hair often and so it can treat the hair dryness. Apply it before shower and follow with shampoo. Massage with coconut oil which would also be useful in hair growth and it would also give relaxation to you.

There are as many as a home treatment for hair which transforms your hair into shinning and silky hair. Treat your beautiful hair and make it extra beautiful with natural products.

Own a slaying silky hair!

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