How To Wear A Face Mask And Remove It The Right Way



Wash your hands thoroughly and stay safe at home!

Everything shall wait for you when you stay at home for some time!

2020 and 2021 are more ghastly than we have ever imagined! But we could stand together by staying at home and overcome this pandemic disease. If you have the symptoms of the cold, flu, new virus (COVID-19), or any other viruses and infections, you should have to wear surgical facemask in a proper way to protect others from falling ill. So, it is highly important to follow infection prevention when wearing a mask and taking it off. If you want to wear the facemask, just follow up on the following instructions which would show you how to put it on and take off a surgical mask. Here are the several types of facemasks which could be helpful in protecting us from diseases such as medical or surgical masks (which is for general public use) and N95 particle respirator masks (which is for the health care professionals). Try to use the facemasks in a proper way to protect yourself and others from getting sick.

HOW TO WEAR A MASK PROPERLY: First and the foremost thing is to wash your hands with the soap and water for about 20 seconds and dry your hands with a clean tissue and throw it away. Check if the mask has any defects including a tear or missing tie or earloop and if you find any just throw it away. You should also ensure the sides of the mask to actually face out. Just place the mask on your face with the blue side facing out and foldable edge at the top on your nose. And if the mask has the ear loops or ties, just put it on or wear it on. If the mask is provided with a lower tie, then after fitting it to the bridge of your nose tie it behind the head with a bow. You should remember to ensure the mask is totally secure and covered your nose, mouth and the bottom of your chin and wash your hands again.

TAKE IT OFF PROPERLY: Remember to wash your hands before taking off the mask and never touch the inside of the mask as it might be contaminated from your breathing, coughing, and sneezing. Now untie or remove the ear loops and then remove the mask and throw it in the closed trash. Never forget to wash your hands after removing the mask too. If you are using the reusable mask, you should wash it with the hot water in the washing machine and dry it under the sunlight.

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