I Get Extreme Reactions From People Says Kangana Ranaut


Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut says that her aim is to have a light interaction with people but she gets extreme reactions and that how things spiral out of control.

The National Award-winning actor, while interacting with media recently about online tussle, Kangana said, “I personally feel that a lot of things that I do or I say; is to have a light hearted interaction. At times people takes it very seriously because they are dead serious in their lives, and that way things just roll into one event, into another. But having said that, people that I may criticize or express my hurt because of certain things they have done, I find it absolutely easy to meet and interact with them again because my intentions have been always very light”

“But somehow people aren’t very comfortable with anybody being very clear and honest in their interaction. I feel I get extreme reactions which sometimes take me aback also. When you do not have any agenda in your heart and if you’re not doing it for your personal ulterior motives you will always win. There is no two ways about it” added Kangana.

When asked about her politics being her future plan, Kangana said, “If today, I talk about the country, nationalism, farmers or laws which directly affect me, I am told that I want to become a politician. It is not like that. I react to everything as an ordinary citizen. I have no connection with politics, at all. So people get angry when I spoke on these issues, they feel that they can talk or say anything about anyone issue but feel how dare Kangana talk about these issues, so this is the major issue and they are doing Tamashas, which I am sure everyone has seen”

Thailaivi, which is directed by AL Vijay and penned by celebrated writer KV Vijayendra Prasad, is set to release worldwide in Hindi, Tamil, and Telegu by Zee Studios on April 23.

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