“I’m glad that this will break the notion that actors are either backbenchers or dropouts” reveals Taapsee Pannu in the November cover story of Filmfare


Taapsee Pannu is the living embodiment of Girl Power in the Indian entertainment industry. The fearless actress rules the internet with her befitting responses to trolls. One to never shy from voicing her opinion and be at the very forefront of standing up for social issues, it’s no surprise to see Taapsee pack a punch yet again as she gets featured in the cover story of Filmfare’s November edition.

Known to be a go-getter, the versatile actress narrates some incidents from her life where she chased excellence, worked hard and achieved her goals, be it getting into films or her academics. She says “It was in the eighth standard where I first set a target and ended up achieving it. I wanted to become the head girl of the school. And to top that, I was declared the student of the year at my school. That made me realise that if I genuinely set my heart on something, I can achieve it. It’s not that I achieved everything I aimed for. I wanted to crack my MBA with a 90-plus percentile, which did not happen.”

Further talking about her love for schools and studying, Taapsee goes on to say how her foray into films has changed perceptions for the better. She says, “I’m glad that this (referring to her being an actor) will break the notion that actors are either backbenchers or dropouts. I loved going to school. I used to be one of the frontbenchers and genuinely liked studying. I might not have the best attendance in the last few years because I started participating in a lot of extra-curricular activities like dancing and public speaking. But, when I was in my class, I was there. That thing of giving your 100 per cent wherever you are, I learnt it from there.”

The interview also explores some aspects of her personal life and relationships where the sincere actress opens up saying, “I’ve not gone out and talked about him (Mathias Boe). Because I’ve noticed that whenever I’ve spoken about him the headlines become more about him than me and that overrides my professional life. I’ve been pretty much open. The families know about it as well. I met him during one of the badminton matches. I was a spectator, he was a player there. We ended up chatting on Twitter a little bit and then we met each other. Since then, it’s been stable, nice, happy, calm. No baggage, no burden relationship.”

Catch the latest e-issue of Filmfare on https://bit.ly/3pbsBDf to read the full story about Taapsee Pannu’s upcoming projects, her take on long-distance relationships, misogyny in the film industry and much more.

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