India Hemp Organics Changing the Game with their Holistic Healing Products


Founded by two visionaries who believe in the power of holistic health and wellness, India Hemp Organics (IHO) was born out of a striking purpose of healing the lives of the people, enriching the farmer communities, medicinal market and helping our Mother Earth to flourish.

India Hemp Organics (IHO) works to recreate and reimagine the way that Cannabis is recognized and consumed in India. Through, IHO has developed a wide range of Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines from the Hemp seeds and leaves, to offer people a wholesome form of nutrition and a sustainable source of medicinal healing that’s holistic in nature.

IHO was founded in January 2020 when Rohit Kamath (23) and Loveena Sirohi (21) set their eyes on a Hemp store on their trip to the Himalayas. After months of to and fro trips and researching this fine crop, Rohit & Loveena were intrigued by their findings. Hemp – a zero-waste crop, can be used to make over 25,000+ different products that range from all the essentials of life — food, medicine, fibre, building material, paper, rope, personal care, and more.

The Hemp used is grown locally in India, following the process that Mother Nature set upon us. The farm is 100% organic, and located amidst the mystic mountains of the Himalayas, where the crops mature in a natural environment, untainted by harsh chemicals, compounds, or any sort of pesticides. Each batch of Hemp produced is hand-cultivated and carefully selected for the best quality and purity.

In a country that has 1 in every 5 people suffering from depression, and 1 in every 15 people dying of cancer, IHO works to bring a more sustainable and natural form of healing, when compared to allopathic medications.

Their research led to them discovering a system that’s inherently present within every mammal’s human biology — the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is a network of endocannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes that help to control a wide variety of health factors, ranging from appetite and metabolism to mood and stress. In short, the ECS works to maintain homeostasis—the body’s status quo—by keeping our internal environment stable, regardless of what’s happening to the body externally. This system essentially governs the functioning of all the other systems in our body and was named after the cannabis plant itself. Cannabinoids present within the plant interact with the ECS’ receptors found across the brain, peripheral and central nervous system to heal the body of any imbalances. To sum it up, our human body was naturally designed to benefit from this plant.

With sustainable development being at the forefront of our business model, we look to incentivize our rural and farmer communities by preventing marginalizing of the crop, and assisting local farmers in cultivation by providing optimal resources.

From the Hemp leaves, we formulate our medicinal range called ‘CannaBliss’ that comprises of full-spectrum cannabis leaf oils catering to various ailments such as neurological problems, pain management, insomnia, side-effects of chemotherapy, and promoting daily well-being of the mind and body.

The ‘CannaBliss’ wellness range comprises of the following oils:

  • Pain Relief,
  • Stress Buster,
  • Sleep Well, and
  • Balance

Besides this, IHO has a new and unique range of personal care and nutrition-based products available here on

We also donate 10% of all our proceeds to our farmer communities and rural development projects in Uttarakhand (the foothills of the Himalayas) from where our Hemp is sourced, so we can enrich the lives of our farmers.

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