Indo Innovations to launch Fursys T50


There has been a drastic rise in the demand of ergonomic chairs, ever since work from home became the new normal amid the lockdown. With this surge in demand, Indo Innovations, a modern office furniture manufacturer is launching the series of ergonomically designed office chairs- Fursys T50.

In partnership with South Korean furniture manufacturer Fursys, Indo Innovations is launching the series in India, which is estimated to bring a revolution in the market of office chairs. With its futuristic key features, the T50 series may outperform the existing ergonomic chairs.

According to the furniture experts, “as people have turned health-conscious, they are becoming aware of the complications caused due to sitting in the same posture for hours, be it at home or at the office. It could be easily assumed how this has upped the level in terms of comfort and ergonomics, for which the T50 seems the right fit.

Most of the offices are working on half the capacity, and the rest half of the employees are having to work from home, who may not have the right furniture in order to work efficiently. Any negligence in the mental or physical health of an employee could affect a company’s performance. Thus, many companies are turning dedicated to providing their employees with the best furniture, that is where Fursys T50 could be a game-changer. 

According to Ashish Aggarwal, CEO of Indo Innovations, “Furniture plays a major role in the productivity of any employee. It not only makes the employees productive, but the right comfort keeps them stress-free, while keeping a harmony in the workplace. And as employees are the most important assets in any company, their care should be of prime importance.” 

This makes it clear that any negligence in the mental or physical health of an employee could affect a company’s performance, be it from home or the office. The T50 series ensures that it provides the best possible comfort. Its features include: 

S-line: The beautiful-shape created with a design motive from the human spine contributes to ergonomic comfort and stability in your back. 

Synchronized Tilt: The seat plate and backrest tilt are independently in response to natural body movements. The tilt mechanism allows the most suitable movement for your different postures. 

Forward Tilting: Forward tilt mechanism creates more concentration while working. 

Adjustable Seat Depth: By pulling out the lever under the seat, you may adjust the depth of your seating to fit your thigh size. 

Replaceable Seat Cover: Revolutionary replaceable seat cover keeps your seating always well maintained and widens the color choices.

Lumbar Support: The optional lumbar support gives more effective and sophisticated support to your lumbar. By turning each handle for 2 way adjustments of height and depth, you may find its best spot for your lumbar

Multi Limited Tilt: More advanced than tilt angle locker, this 5 step multi limiter helps you control over your maximum levels of tilt angles depending on your preferred working postures.

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