Janmasthmi Recipe from Thayanithy Sous Chef Signature Club Resort



Ingredients :

  1. Fresh Papaya pulp : 500 gram
  2. Jaggery – 350 gram (powdered)
  3. Ghee- 100 ml
  4. Caushewnut – 5 gram
  5. Raisins- 5 gram
  6. Almonds- 5 gram
  7. Pista – 5gram
  8. Sweet less kova-100gram
  9. Cardamom Power-2 gms
  10. Pacha Karpuram- ½ pinch
  11. Saffron – 2Pinch.


  • Heat the ghee (50 ml) in a pan, add papaya pulp and saute it gently for 5 mins on slow flame
  • Add powdered jaggery and sweetless Kova, mix well until the pulp gets cooked and get the fine texture of halva
  • Finally, add cardamom powder and Pacha karpuram, mix well
  • Put the halwa in the bowl
  • Take the fresh pan and heat remaining ghee, then add cashew nuts, almonds, pista, and raisins fry them till it turns to golden color
  • Then add halva into it, mix well
  • Finally, garnish with the saffron
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