“Jeet Ki Zid was riveting To Edit” Says Chief Editor Yusuf H Khan


Yusuf says that trending series Jeet Ki Zid was an inspiring story, he is happy with the success and audience response.

Directed by Vishal Mangalorkar, ZEE5’s original series Jeet Ki Zid is trending at number one place. The movie stars Amit Sadh, Amrita Puri, Sushant Singh, Paritosh Sand, Mrinal Kulkarni, Aly Goni and more.

Talking about the success of the series, Yusuf said, “It was a great experience collaborating with the Producers Boney Kapoor, Akash Chawla and Arunava Joy Sengupta. Run time of series is longer than movies, so the director needs to shoot hundreds of hours of footage, we process it all on the editing table, keeping the vision and continuity of the story, this is where the editor’s skill comes into play, and I think we are the fastest, most creative editing team in India, we delivered all episodes within a record time of only 2 months.”

“The story actually takes shape, characters are defined and scenes are built from all the footage on an editor’s desk. I am happy our hard work has paid off with Jeet Ki Zid” added Yusuf.

Editor Yusuf H Khan has edited many award winning advertisement, films, promo, and trailers, He has collaborated with some of the biggest creative names in Indian Advertising and the B-Town.

Recently in Feb 2021, Yusuf’s studio, Slick Filmcraft produced music video “Antigravity” for Nexa Music with renowned Director Tejal Patni and ace vfx company ‘Famous house of animation’ and  has bagged best animation award at the 17th annual 24fps awards and best effect simulation award at VFX and more awards.

Talking about working with big celebrities, filmmakers and brands on varied projects, Yusuf said, “I wish people would involve editors from the start of the project and paid them well. Regardless of celebrity statues or production house, big or small, funds for editing or editor, are always in doldrums. Honestly, if it was just to money, most people would refuse to edit any projects, it’s the passion that drives an editor. It’s like puzzle and he needs to solve it”

“Countless hours of footage, is finally condensed into a meaningful and artistic creation, requires knowledge, hard work, dedication and focus. Editor is one person who knows the filmmaking from start to end”

Jeet Ki Zid, is based on the life of Major Deependra Singh Sengar who was deemed unfit for active duty in the Indian Army due to an injury and how he returns back.

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