Kangana Ranaut Takes A Dig At Deepika Padukone


Rhea Chakraborty and her alleged drug-ring have opened a can of worm. Everyday a new name is linked and some chat is emerging where seller and celeb are discussing the buying and selling of drugs.

With emergence of Deepika Padukone’s alleged chats about drugs became a massive talking point amid multiple probe angles into the Bollywood-drugs link and Kangana Ranaut, didn’t miss a beat to take a jab at “Padmaavat” actress, who has been accused of taking drugs in past as well.

Kangana Ranaut took to her social media and wrote, “Repeat after me, depression is a consequence of drug abuse. So called high society rich star children who claim to be classy and have a good upbringing ask their manager, “MAAL HAI KYA?” #boycottBollywoodDruggies #DeepikaPadukone”

Earlier, Deepika’s name was dragged throw the mud when Karan Johar’s party video went viral. Many claims that the entire group of actors in video, where under the influence.

Kangana used the ‘repeat after me’ line that Deepika used for awareness about mental health and depression.

Alleged conversations from a WhatsApp group where Deepika allegedly asked for ‘maal’ and ‘hash’ from a ‘K’ have been accessed by leading channel.

As per Narcotics Control Bureau sources, Deepika and ‘K’ were part of the group, to discuss availability of drugs, along with talent manager Jaya Saha, who was questioned by the NCB on Monday.

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