King of Fruits: Mangoes and Its 8 Fascinating Facts You Never Knew


Woah! The “King of Fruits” has won millions and millions of hearts all over the world. Whenever it comes to mangoes, we feel the dominance in itself as it is the king of all fruits. None could resist their love for mangoes as they give the juicy, sugary, and palatable taste in the whole world. As they are popular in so many countries especially in India and Central and South America, mangoes are considered to be the super-fruits. Thus, they are perfectly known to be the “King of Fruits”. Apart from its taste and health benefits, mangoes have many other things to know about which would be completely interesting. So, here are a few fascinating facts about this delectable fruit of the world.

THE JUICY HISTORY BEHIND THE TASTIEST NAME: The delicious name “Mango” for the fruit came after several transpositions. Originated in India-Burma border where the Sanskrit language was predominant during that period, the very first name of the fruit was “Aamra-Phalam”. Later, the Hindi transformation became “Aam-Phal” and then in Tamil, it was known as “Aam-Kaay” and later it became “Maamkaay” according to the varied pronunciation. However, Mallu people transformed it further as “manga”. It was then historically when Portuguese people came to know about this fruit, they informed it to British who then changed the pronunciation as Mango and it is now called “Mango” globally.

INDIA- THE MANGO CAPITAL: Did you know India is termed as the “Mango Capital of the World”? Yes, India stands first in the production of Mango which is then followed by China, Thailand, Indonesia, and some other countries as well. Even if India is known to be the largest Mango producer, it accounts less when it comes to international trade as the country consumes most of its production.

SEX-FRUIT: Hey guys! Mango is a rich source of vitamin E which is otherwise known as sex vitamin. This is the reason why herbal treatments suggest enhancing virility in men. Because of this sex-inducing power, mangoes are considered to be aphrodisiac fruit which improves your love life thereby driving your sex hormones crazy enough.

REMEDY-INDUCED MANGO LEAVES: The leaves of this amazing fruit are known for its remedial and curative power. These leaves are a great source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants, which thus help in treating and averting diabetes, blood pressure, restlessness, gall and kidney stones, respiratory problems and dysentery as well.

NEVER GO IN WAR WITH MANGOES: When you burn leaves, woods, or debris of mango, it is not advisable because they are toxic in nature. It could also infect your eyes and lungs severely. However, mango leaves are considered to be toxic for cattle feed as well. And it was also banned to feed the cattle with the leaves as it is not good for the animals.

NATIONS’ FRUIT AND NATION’S TREE: Due to its popularity, three nations have been sharing it as their Nation’s fruit. The three nations including India, Pakistan, and the Philippines have pronounced Mango as their National Fruit. However, in 2010, Bangladesh announced that the Mango tree as its National Tree but the country did not have any National Tree before.

A GREAT PEEL: Well, mango peels are considered to be dermatitis prone as it has the latex and peeps scattered all over its surface. It has been known to contain health benefits too. Since we know that mangoes are great in phytonutrients such as carotenoids and polyphenols, they are also helpful in averting constipation, arthritis, dysentery, piles, and indigestion as you eat entirely with the skin. So, when you go for peeling the skin of the mango, just remember to remove the peep and latex area and then have the luscious bites of the fruit.

REIGN MILLIONS OF HEARTS: Mango is known to be “King of Fruits” as it never stops to win rule the hearts of millions of people. It has been a great heat beater, remedial measures, taste, used as an ingredient to various delicious recipes such as pickle, mango desserts, cupcakes, ice creams, and more to add.

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