Limited Edition Flavour – Vanilla Rosa Pistachio!


A little sweet, a little sour, have all your taste buds covered at Coppetto Artisan Gelato whipping up decadent and divine flavours for everyone! 

They have you covered with their New Limited Edition Flavour, Vanilla Rosa Pistachio with Pomegranate Sauce!! A delicious combination of different flavours that go so well with each other for a burst of sensations in your mouth.

Get transported with each bite to the world of fruity bliss with a range of fruity Gelato & Sorbets for you! 

WHAT: Vanilla Rosa Pistachio with Pomegranate Sauce

WHEN: Friday, 14th February – Friday, 21st February

WHERE: Coppetto Artisan Gelato (Chowpatty & Bandra)

COST: Rs. 170 Onward

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