Market yourself better going into 2021 with these Innovative Digital Marketing Agencies


Nearly every conversation people had since March has featured a version of this refrain. We’re in the midst of a dynamic public health crisis with hardly an environment for making long-term plans. Consumer behaviour has changed drastically. We all see a different consumer today, where some of them have lost their jobs and have limited sources of earning. This behavioural shift has transformed the market scenarios as well. We have a completely different market to serve. With that said, we have a different marketing approach. Developing a short-term strategy and seeing how the market conditions behave is vital during these times and we are keeping it flexible. Which strategy suits a business and which doesn’t can only be measured after it is implemented. A digital marketing strategy should be flexible enough to come out of any situation.  The mantra here is- if you forget them, you will lose them. And attaining new customers during the Covid era is going to be an intricate affair. So, the best practice is to – never actually forget the users. Stay connected with them on social networks and keep them engaged. So, here we have curated a list of digital and experiential marketing brands with offerings that are easy on the pocket and a must-try for everyone:

Digital Jalebi – Founded in 2012, Digital Jalebi is an experiential design studio that creates interactive experiences which are immersive, engaging and emotional. The company builds smarter conversational campaigns for brands that create emotional connections, fuel conversations and deliver business results. The company is continuously striving to connect brands and people in more meaningful ways by creating emotionally engaging experiences that generate lasting brand love and deliver transformative experiences that deepen brand loyalty and drive brand performance.

Shutter Cast – Shutter Cast started around 4 years ago as a side project, when Amol was unable to find any reliable website developers for his work. Since then only, the team has been working tirelessly to bring more and more technology to startups and offering the gamut of services for their operations. Shutter Cast started with website development but now  have expanded into a one-stop solution for all the startups in the industry. They want to be recognized as the best and most transparent digital marketing agency in the industry. The startup is dealing with most of the prestigious clients in the market and these are the ones that are the oldest and have helped SC a lot since inception- Nish Hair, Gifting Best Wishes, Fkitchens, Infini AI. Shutter Cast employs 20+ people and generates revenues of USD 150K. All the technology used by Shutter Cast has been developed internally. The firm has an edge because it works so transparently. For instance, competitors often ask businesses to pay as much as 80K to open an Amazon Web Services account when such an account can be acquired for free. Every transaction with The Shutter Cast is fully transparent and businesses know this. As a result, there is considerable positive word of mouth circulating about Shutter Cast.

Bc Web Wise is a full-service digital marketing platform which is solving the business problems for brands since 2000, headquartered in Mumbai. The company is renowned for its strategic brand services, world-class creative work, and in-depth consumer research. They devise strategies to bring brands closer to consumers on digital, tell stories that captivate the millennial mindset, and acquire the sharpest combination of digital media assets to meet campaign objectives. The company has worked with more than 400 happy clients like Hero, Mahindra, Sunsilk, Unicef, Park Avenue, Parle, Sony Entertainment, TATA, Godrej, Maruti Suzuki etc. and worked on around 7500 projects till date.

ET Medialabs is the leading Digital Marketing & Analytics Company in India specializing in delivering business growth using Digital Marketing, Data & AI. It is both Google premier partner & FB Marketing partner. The leadership at ET Medialabs consists of seasoned professionals from the IITs and IIMs with 10 plus years of experience. They have a unique set of skills knit together by a client-focused approach and sharpened by years of experience in the industry.

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