Negative Impacts of Wearing A Face Mask For A Longer Period

  • Be safe and cautious while you are wearing the mask!
  • Wearing a face mask is for protecting yourself and others and not for infecting!

Due to the spread of coronavirus, people are advised to wear a face mask when they step out of the house. And when you wear the face mask perfectly, it could be able to curb the spread of the disease. Well, your face mask is doing a double job by protecting yourself and others. It would be helpful in keeping you away from spreading your germs and could stop other germs from infecting you. But when it is used in an inappropriate way, it could cause unwanted side effects. So, here are the negative impacts of wearing a face mask for a longer period.

AIRFLOW COULD BE RESTRICTED: Most people who wear masks could get difficulty in breathing while wearing it. It is said that the fraction of carbon dioxide which previously exhaled would be inhaled at each respiratory cycle and the people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, it would cause decreased airflow as well.

BRING PEOPLE CLOSER DURING CONVERSATIONS: This happens because the quality and the volume of speech during the conversation between two people with masks would be compromised and thus would come closer while talking unconsciously. So, you should be cautious about keeping a distance from someone.

CREATE UNCOMFORTABLE FEEL: Well, wearing a face mask for a long time would cause an uncomfortable feel. But when you use perfect cloth such as cotton material it would have better ventilation and it would get less moisture which comes from breathing and sweating as well.

CREATE MESS WITH THE EYESIGHT: When you wear a face mask, the exhaled air would go probably into the eyes. This would in turn make you feel uncomfortable and would tempt you to touch your eyes with your hands. And if in case your hands are contaminated, then you are infecting yourself by touching your eyes with the hands. So, it would be better if you wash your hands often when you touch things like doors, handles or elevator buttons or any other things.

INFECT YOU WHEN NOT WASHED: When you wear a dirty face mask which is not washed regularly, then it would never do the regular job of protecting yourself and others. It would not provide you any good or to others. We wear masks to curb the spread of germs not to spread it. So, you have to wash your masks regularly and do not wear a dirty mask.

CAUSE SKIN IRRITATION: When you have dry skin and you wear a mask for a longer time, it might cause skin irritation. So, you could apply the moisturizer before wearing a mask as this could prevent skin irritation where the mask rubs or touches your face.

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