Niti Taylor celebrates her first karwa chauth festival with a special twist


Television actor adds an ‘oat-a-licious’ twist to her sargi with Quaker Oats

Television actor Niti Taylorwas seen celebrating her first Karwa Chauth with a delicious twist to her sargi. Starting her day early for the sargi, Niti was joined in the ritual by her husband, Parikshit Bawa, who lovingly fed her the first bite of the sargi comprising of a wholesome portion of Quaker Oats, fruits, and sweets.

Expressing her delight Niti Taylor commented, “Karwa Chauth is a sacred day for millions of families and has always fascinated me since childhood. For my first Karwa Chauth, I planned everything from my ethnic wear to sargi in advance.  I wanted the first meal of the day to be wholesome and packed with nutrition. Keeping this in mind, I added a special twist to my sargi with Quaker Oats, to not only help me sustain the energy for the entire day but also be flavourful. Let’s celebrate the festival with love and happiness!

Karwa Chauth ceremony traditionally starts with a sargi– a meal and assortment of delightful sweets and snacks consumed before sunrise which helps people celebrating this festival to prepare for a day-long fast. Oats serve as the perfect companion to start one’s day, giving one the nutritious energy to keep going.

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