One has to be aware about their child suffering from sexual abuse, says Sunny Leone.


Actress, model Sunny Leone who was recently seen at the special screening of the movie, ‘Ave Maria’, says that one has to be aware about their child suffering from sexual abuse. She further added that, nowadays it’s very hard to trust people around us.

Sunny Leone was seen interacting with the media on Monday in Mumbai.

The short film ‘Ave Maria’ focuses on creating awareness about child abuse and highlights the importance of communication with the child, as most of the families lack the key aspect especially when it comes to such cases.

When asked about her take on child abuse issues, on Sunny said, “It’s very important to make such films and raise our voice collectively against such issues. This will encourage the child to share her trauma easily with her parents. Besides this, it’s our responsibility also, to be aware about our child suffering from sexual abuse. We should keep an eye on the people around us, it may be our family members or our helping hands such as nanny, drivers and others.

After watching the movie, it reminds me how cruel people can be. Now I have become more alert and frightened. Being the parents that also of three children, it’s our job to observe the signs of our child’s mental trauma and be attentive about the surroundings. We often neglect such issues and assume that everything is perfect around us.”

Omung Kumar’s wife Vanita made her debut as a director with a short film ‘Ave Maria’. The release date of the film is not yet decided. She plans to showcase the film in international film fests like the Manchester Film Festival and Liverpool Film Festival.

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