PATAN – The Capital of Gujarat During The Medieval Times


Patan, An old-world charm and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The city opens with royal entrance gates with huge walls surrounds it and there stands the ancient young and warm city of Patan. Got its’ popularity among tourists because of Rani ki Vav. It has become India’s new tourist hubs.  

This place was the former capital of the medieval period of Gujarat for about 650 years. Patan is famous for its hundreds of Jain temples and Patola Silk Sarees. Ruins of the exquisitely designed monuments built during the ancient times attract lots of historians and archaeological buffs to this place.

People of Patan strongly believe that it’s only their Kuldevi and her presence that has kept the town intact and its people happy and growing.

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Best Things to do at Patan

  • Visit the Sahasralinga Talav or the ‘Lake of thousand Lingas’, located near Rani ki Vav. Water from the Saraswati River was channeled in this reservoir during ancient times. The lake has now dried up but on seeing it; one can imagine the enthralling architectural and water management skills of the people during those times.
  • Watch great artists weaving the Patola Sarees with hand using the beautiful vegetable colors at the place called Salvivad.
  • Experience the feeling of sanctity and holiness as you climb down the steps of Rani ki Vav, the stepped well and a cultural heritage site constructed under the orders of Rani Udayamati in 1063. Intricate sculptures and carvings of Gods on the walls of the well are really fascinating and are sure to leave you spellbound.
  • Observe the Mashru weavers weaving the colorful silk and cotton threads to produce a delicate fabric that is exported to various Middle East countries.
  • Explore the old Jain manuscripts at the ‘Hemachandracharya Jain Gnan Mandir’. Some of these manuscripts are written in Gold Ink on the palm leaves.

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The best time to visit Patan is during the months of October to March.  It will make for a lovely offbeat holiday place to travel to.

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