Pets Guide: 4 Most Simple Ways To Take Care of Your Pets

  • Take care of your four-legged friends with extra attention!
  • Spend time with your pets and keep them active physically!

As lockdown is imposed, we have been staying indoors to control the spread of the fatal disease. Staying inside for a longer time would be the toughest thing and it is much tougher to our four-legged pals. Meanwhile, many pet owners have been complaining about their pets’ losing appetite and they are too lethargic. However, staying indoors for long hours without any exercise would lead to anxiety in pets. Even the absence of physical activity would negatively impact their metabolism, which thus leads to appetite loss and a weak immunity system as well. So, you gotta take extra care of your four-legged friends, and here are few ways to comfort your pets during the lockdown.

YOU GOTTA MAINTAIN BETTER HYGIENE: Maintaining hygiene is one of the biggest issues faced by the pet owners. When it comes to staying indoors, it becomes difficult for pets. It becomes even more difficult when you are living in apartments. You gotta dispose of the germs and parasites such as roundworm, hookworm, etc. Maintain hygiene as much as you could and so you could make your pets feel bright and lively. Also, store extra litter bags to suffice during the lockdown period. In case, you wanna relieve your dog out, then make sure to avoid encountering other people.  This means you have to maintain a safe distance and do not allow your pet to loiter around.

ENSURE TO HAVE AN EMERGENCY KIT: Since we are going through a difficult time, you should make sure to have an emergency kit with you to first aid your pet if something is wrong. You should ensure that your emergency kit contains certain items including bandages, scissors, thermometer, cotton, a syringe without needle to administer oral medication, medicines which reduce fever, and stop vomiting as well. Also, keep in touch with your vet over the phone regularly, and when you find any symptom of any illness discuss with your vet over the phone.

MAKE YOUR PETS TO STAY ACTIVE: During the lockdown, it is not good to take for a walk outside. As mentioned before, staying indoors for a long time would affect the health of your pet by making them depressed and prone to anxiety. So, you have to find other innovative ways to keep your dog physically and mentally active. Start playing games with your lovely pets and keep them busy by making time for your pets. And if you have a staircase in your house, climb on it. It would be a helpful exercise for you as well as for your pets.

LOOK AFTER YOUR STOCKED PET FOOD: You should be extra careful and protective at desperate times. It is important to keep your eye on your stocked pet food. As of now, you are with your pets every minute which would trigger you to feed your pets. But you should never do this mistake because your pet is already staying without any physical activities and so it would lead to a lack of food during the lockdown.

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