Pickles! 5 Greatest Health Benefits You Never Knew Before


Undeniably, pickles are the favorite option for everyone. Several types of pickles could be easily prepared at home and even available at the store. Pickling is known to be one of the oldest methods of food preservation which has been traced back to India as it is said to have originated about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago. As there were no other options to preserve foods, people invented this process pickling process to preserve foods.

Traditionally, pickles are made with healthy ingredients such as salt, oil, and dry chili powder that are mixed with condiments. When it comes to India, unripe fruits like mangoes, amla, unripe tamarinds, and lemons are used traditionally in making pickles. Also, veggies include bitter gourd, carrot, cauliflower, ginger, garlic, onion, jackfruit, and citron. Non-vegetarian options include prawns, mutton, chicken, and fish as well. But did you know how healthy these finger-licking pickles are? Well, the presence of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants would help manage diabetes, improving digestion, protecting the liver, and healing ulcers. Check them out in detail.

BOOSTS DIGESTION: The presence of probiotic bacteria is highly beneficial for your digestive function. The absence of these friendly bacteria would also contribute to digestive problems. But by consuming pickles (without the use of vinegar), you could get infused with probiotic bacteria which would kick start your healthy digestion process. The fermented salt varieties would naturally increase the growth of these friendly bacteria to make you have healthy digestion.

ENHANCE INSULIN SENSITIVITY: According to the studies, the consumption of vinegar-based pickles would help curb blood sugar levels. This is due to the presence of acetic acid present in vinegar. On the other hand, you must also be cautious about salted pickles as they would increase blood pressure.

LOWERS ULCER: The failure of mucous membranes and acid interaction on tissues would lead to ulcers which are internal wounds. Especially, gastric ulcers are the result of poor mucous membranes and hyperacidity as well. But by licking pickles would help reduce ulcers. Particularly, if you go for amla or Indian gooseberry pickle, it would work great against ulcers.

PROTECTS THE LIVER: Like ulcer, amla or Indian gooseberry also helps in protecting the liver. The presence of hepatoprotective properties in amla has shown reducing and preventing liver damages as per the research.

SUPPORTS HYDRATION: Some people would love snacking on pickles without even realizing their hydrating ability. When you sweat out, your body would automatically lose its water and electrolytes and you restore it through foods and drinks. Then comes pickles, they are naturally loaded with water and salt. The salt content would be highly helpful in replenishing the lost electrolytes though. So, when it’s a scorching day, all your body needs is satiating fluid intake and salt to stay hydrated. With the intake of pickles, it could be achieved.

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