Rajiv Ruia’s Mushkil: Beyond The Supernatural


Indian filmmakers have come a long way from the pioneering era of horror films in the Indian film industry from the Ramsay Brothers to this modern day paranormal masterpiece. From the spiritual banks of Benares to the picturesque breathtaking rock pools of Papingo in Greece.

Although a lot more could be utilized in the scenic coastline of Greece, Mushkil has been shot well provides for a surreal paranormal experience, unlike others. The due credit can be given to Rajiv S Ruia, the director behind Mushkil, who has effectively integrated horror with romance.

The plot begins with four girlfriends on a dream trip to Greece. They meet their tour guide Vedant right outside the airport. Their horror embarks on their visit to the haunted Papingo rock pool where the girls have their firsthand experience with the ghost.

Kunaal Roy Kapur’s characteristic portrayal of Vedant Gill, a lively tour guide, supports the girls as they fear for their life. The plot twists and thickens when, instead of one, two of the vacationing girls get possessed by the Greek couple whose spirits cling on to the girls to, indirectly, reach the protagonist Aveer.

Rajniesh Duggall’s portrayal of Aveer, a priestly scholar, is one to watch out for. Being no stranger to the realm of horror, Aveer gives hope to the vacationers from the mortal danger they are in.

Kunaal Roy Kapur and Nazia Hussain in ‘Yun Hi Nahin’, crooned by the talented Mohammed Irfan, is a visual treat where Kunaal breaks his comic barrier to embrace his romantic side with Nazia Hussain.

The song takes you through a romantic journey in the beautiful sights of Greece, later being followed by Rajniesh Duggall and Pooja Bisht in ‘Ek Siwa Tere’, a mesmerizing song capturing the essence and glory of Benares.

Rarely does one get to see an eerie supernatural affair in Indian cinema. Producer Ravinder Jeet Dariya of Big Bat Films ensures the future and hope for quality horror films!

**** (4 Star)

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