Satiate your late-night rumbling stomach with 5 healthy snacks


Often, your tummy would interrupt your bedtime. This in turn would lead to late night cravings for unwanted snacking which are unhealthy for your body. But you could consume some healthy snacks at night which could even assist you in controlling your weight. These food options would be rich in nutrients which could help you snooze better as well. So, take a note of the following healthy late-night snacks to satiate your tummy.

PISTACHIOS: If you do not think that pistachios would not help you late night, then you are wrong. Pistachios are rich in sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. So, you could have handful of pistachios to satisfy your stomach. It would promote a good night’s sleep.

EGGS: This is one of the proteins rich foods which is also the best snack in the middle of the night. However, eggs could be used in varieties of ways in the snacks or foods. When you have it at night, eggs could repair and rebuild your muscles by filling your stomach and provides healthy sleep routine as it is rich in tryptophan.

KIWIS: Well-known for its nutritious benefits, Kiwis are one among the fruits that incorporate the great amount of nerve messenger called serotonin. This would in turn provide you relaxing effect, and make you fall asleep quicker. So, when you have a bite of this fruit, it would help you to control unwanted cravings along with sound sleep.

PUMPKIN SEEDS: Already, pumpkin seeds are suggested for your weight-loss process. When you have some pumpkin seeds tonight, the presence of tryptophan in it would stimulate sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. You could have it as an energy bar which satiate your tummy and paves the way for better sleep time.

YOGURT: Like pumpkin seeds, yogurt is also an excellent option for weight-loss. Since it is a rich source of calcium, it could be helpful in strengthening the bones. However, the presence of tryptophan and protein in yogurt makes it an amazing choice for late-night binge. It would satisfy your roaring stomach and provides sound sleep as well.

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