Section 375 Makers And Akshay Khanna Summoned To Pune Civil Court


Actor Akshay Khanna and the makers were recently summoned to court for portraying lawyers in the negative light post the release of Section 375’s trailer.

The film produced by Kumar Mangal Pathak and Abhishek Mangal Pathak along with the male lead of the film is asked to appear before Pune Civil court on 9th September.

The film directed by Ajay Bhal also stars Richa Chadha as a lawyer. An advocate filed a petition in the court after the trailer release claiming the promotional material portray court procedures in a wrong way.

The trailer shows advocates taking cross-statements of a rape survivor and openly asking her objectionable questions in the courtroom, while the advocate stated in the petition “such cross-statements are never recorded in an open court but only in-camera”.

The film is based on Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code where Richa as a public prosecutor is fighting for her client’s justice. The victim claims to be raped by a filmmaker who is being defended by Akshaye Khanna.

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