Seducing Erotic Love Making Moves & Tricks That Drive Men Crazy



Generally, Men are created to be pleased in bed than women. Every time, when you hop in the bed with your bed, it will be an ineffable feel which can never be put forth in words. However, Ladies! Did you know that some erotic moves will make your man crazy in the bed? Yes! Women who do know these crazy moves will have power over the men and thus, men will be yearning for their lady love by all means. Well, it does not mean that you girls have to be agile and great in doing the moves but with an easy amorous way you can amaze your man. This will also drive him to gratify you in return and so just try to incorporate the following simple ways in a relationship.

HANDLE HIM WITH MANUAL DEEDS: Often, Men like women to rule the bed and handle them with the authority. They will also be liked to caress with the female hands by every possible means. So, ladies just handle your man with your manual deeds and gratify him during the sensual pleasure. He will feel the mastery of his lady love and also be ready to please his lady as well.

OFFER HIM THE BEST PLEASURE OF ALL: What is the best delight you can give him during lovemaking? Of course, oral sex is the best pleasure of all which will give him an immortal pleasure. Just give him the feeling of orgasm by the ultimate sensual method with the help of oral sex. And it is considered to be ‘the most loving thing a woman can do for her man.’

MAKE HIM VISUALIZE YOU: Just make you man arouse with your intentional erotic way. Naturally, men will be aroused with a stimulating visualization and in turn, it will drive them wild. It is also considered that men watching their lady at her climax have been the best form of arousal in them. However, women use to touch themselves during sexual intercourse in a discreet manner to feel the orgasm. When a man watching his lady feeling the orgasm, it definitely makes him wildly arouse.

HAVE HIM CLOSELY CONNECTED: Generally, men may feel little moved when women sit on their lap. What if a woman sits on her man’s lap during lovemaking? Yes! It will make him aroused since both of your bodies are close to each other and also connected intimately. Thus, it increases the romp due to its extra erotic way.

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