Self Medication is extremely dangerous for your health


How self-medication can create negative effects on your health!

Medicines are the best thing which makes people’s life much better while being sick. It will help us to relieve pain. But all these medicines can be good only if it is taken under the prescription of the doctor. What if you take medicines under self-diagnosis? It is not advisable as it will create many side effects and other health issues in the future. Sadly, all age group people are using self-prescribed medicines which may give relief at that particular time. Yet, this is a very serious matter to peer into, as it causes many side effects and is harmful to health. Meanwhile, the problems of self-medication have been increasing in the present day.


Self-medication may be okay for many of us, which is not advisable every time. Even if you use ‘crocin’ or ‘saridon’ or ‘paracetamol’ which may help in your present situation, it may lead to some other issues later. As in truth, people may think that they are saving time and money by avoiding the doctor’s advice and doing self-medication. Unfortunately, self-medication does have side effects later.

The huge problem with self-medication is that people don’t know about the dosage. People often ignore the problem of dosage, when they go for self-medication. It is not good in this case to reject things related to dosage and so better don’t underestimate the power of dosage. When it comes to the doctor’s prescription, they may provide you the perfect dosage according to your body condition doing prior checks that are required. However, if you take medicine by yourself, you may not know the correct dosage and it would create harm to the health in multiple ways.

Yet another important issue is the side-effects, the medicines can create in you. People are gulping pills like that of the sweet candies or chocolates. Popping pills can provide you the instant relief whereas it may show its effects a little later. At times, a person may be under the treatment of a health issue and they may take another self-medication without the doctor’s advice which may lead to risks in the health. When two medicines mingle together, it may lead to some other different health issue. The reason is that when one particular drug is mixed with another, it may react differently and very seriously, causing adverse effects on your body.

So, when you take self-medication, it eventually leads to health risks. It may thus double your expense for the doctor’s consultation and it is better to consult the doctor at the first stage itself. When self-medication turns out to be a habit, it will damage the health and eventually it causes disabilities and may risk your life. Just think twice before you go for self-medication. Whatever it may be, just consult your doctor which is good for you!

Avoid self-medication and lead a healthy life!

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