Slim Your Waist With These Easy Ways Magically


Last week we have given a few tips and tricks to look slim in Indian outfits. This week we will see how to look slimmer wearing western outfits.

Choose a Wrap Waist

A tie around wrap dress hugs your middle making your waist look tinier and v-neck keeps you from feeling too covered up. Keep in mind that you choose one made from a substantial fabric and avoid flimsy material that shows up every bump.


Wear a Blazer

Cardigans can keep you warm when you prefer an extra layer, but the frumpy form can hide your curves. Instead, pick fitted blazers and pair it with a loose blouse, if you prefer to hide the shape of your belly. You’ll look polished look at the office and the nipped waist creates a little middle.


Color blocking

Colourblock dress is a bold and fun way to dress, it’s also a sexy style too! Highlighting your curves just where you want them, pick side panels in dark colors such as black or navy. This way it emphasizes the lines of an hourglass silhouette and flatters your figure.


A Timeless Classic

A classic yet modern ‘Trench coat’ always remains as a timeless icon. This is not about it’s functional for every type of weather but it’s incredibly flattering. The belt around the waist creates curves you’d be hard-pressed to find from other unshapely rain jackets.


Pencil skirt

If you want to drive attention to your hips, try a pencil skirt this makes your waist looks tinier. Don’t hold them only for Office attire list, you can also wear it as a casual outing on the weekends too!


Raise your waistline

Always choose slight high-rise jeans or skirts, this will tuck in your tummy thus making you look tiny. You don’t get a muffin top and also have support across the stomach region.


Add a belt

One of the oldest tricks for a fake slim waist- tying a belt around a dress or long blouse to get the curve you want, but this can’t be done with any belt. A thick, three- to six-inch-wide style can highlight an hourglass figure, while a skinnier belt is good when you need to create those curves. For people who are straighter figure go in for a slim leather belt that matches your apparel such as a grey belt over a grey sweater.


Work Attire – Pick Sheath Dress

It’s difficult to find a work dress that is modest yet flattering. Sheath hugs your body to your waist, unlike shift dresses that hang loosely on your body and hiding the curves. Always choose one in a thicker fabric such as cotton twill this is because the drape is more flattering than flimsier fabrics.


These are just cheat sheets. So do regularly continue your fitness and diet to get your desired look.  Share your views and also any tips if you know!

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