Super Secrets to Wake Up At ‘The Crack of Dawn’ With An Early Dinner


Merriment flows through the windows of our sweet home and continues to give energy and revitalize it. So, waking up earlier will retain you to healthy and energetic. So, I happened to meet an old man at my yoga class, he questioned about my sleeping time at night. And I was narrating my irregular sleeping time. The next question came forth as “when will you wake up in the morning?” and then I answered as before 8 or 8.30 am. And I told him that I could not wake up earlier than that and if so it will be rare. The next question shot as “when will you have your dinner?” and I answered my irregular time as I did not have my dinner earlier. I answered all his questions with a skepticism filled face.

The next thing he explained was that people could not wake up earlier because they would not for sure help us to wake up earlier with so much energy and refreshment. It is always good to wake up earlier as it boosts you up with a lot of positive things in your mind as well as in your body. So, people who really want to wake up earlier and to be loaded with energy for the day could practice the above tips by an old man. I am really grateful to this old man right now. At times, God may speak to you through aged people.

Yet another tip to wake up earlier is that you have to believe that you could wake up at this particular time. This literally works as I have experienced and I was really awe-struck that the mind-blowing old man gave this exact tip for me. It already works for me and so it uplifts my energy for the day. It is noteworthy to listen to the old people and you could get many secretive things left behind by our ancestors. Getting yourself involved in listening to sanguine things will build you into a cheerful person.


  1. People who wake up earlier can maintain a regular sleeping habit.
  2. Regulates good health in your body.
  3. Regenerates your skin
  4. Enough time for tummy filled breakfast
  5. Sanguine start of the day.

Waking up earlier has its own benefit that would lead to a healthy life in this so-called technological world. The peaceful mind leads you on a good path and good energy. It is not about trying but it is all about ‘must’ to do in our life. It will also help you to have the plan of the day and a good start.

 Raise up earlier and lead a sanguine life!

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