Svitch Energy developing India’s Fastest Electric SuperBike


With the news of development of a new model, the electric vehicle giant races to become India’s most loved e-bike company in India.

The Superbike is anticipated to be a fully-fledged digitized and environment-friendly electric motorcycle.

India’s leading electric bike company, Svitch Energy Pvt. Ltd. is now making a headway in the new year by releasing the news of launching India’s fastest Electric SuperBike – S2K by the end of the year. This Superbike is expected to be a fully-fledged digitized electric motorcycle. Every component of the superbike is being designed with the technological development of the 21st century.

The widely popular and beloved electric bike brand has previously launched facelift version of their top-selling Electric Bicycle Models Svitch XE &Svitch XE+ in the 3rd Quarter of 2020. With these 2 Models, the company took leverage in the EV Market of India. Meanwhile, the company also established a huge dealership network of 100 Plus dealers’ touchpoints including few exclusive showrooms and distributors across India and around the world. Company is also heading towards launching a Kickstarter Campaign to enter and flourish international borders with Svitch Electric Bikes.

The innovators at Svitch believe in surprising their customers with the best products.  With an aim to revolutionize the Indian automobile sector, the brand came up with the spectacular new electric superbike that is sure to take the Indian automobile market by storm.

Svitch Superbike S2K has passed the Prototype Phase One by now. Alpha Testing for the prototype has been cleared, which means Svitch Superbike has passed System Testing, Integration Testing and Functional Tests of the bike by in house R&D Team making it all set for Further Product Designing and Development.

Svitch Team has been rigorously working for Development and Advancement of Robust Electric Drive System of S2K Superbike. Company is planning to develop best in class Aerodynamics of the bike to enhance the speed and performance of the bike. The company has begun with the beta testing which will involve Robustness, Security functionality, Bike Performance and Artificial Intelligence Testing. All the Product Designing and Development is expected to get finished by the End of the year 2021.

“An idea which is not risky enough, ain’t worthy to be called an idea at all” says the Founder and Managing Director, Raj Patel, Svitch Energy Pvt.Ltd.

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