~ A four-part webinar series by Taj Safaris’ expert naturalists

Taj Safaris, India’s first and only luxury wildlife circuit, has been celebrating the Indian jungles for over a decade. This International Tiger Day, the brand is commemorating the occasion by hosting a four-part webinar series –Nature Talk with Taj Safaris, to spread awareness about the habitat of the tiger and various facets that support it.

Located within some of the world’s most renowned National Parks in the central state of Madhya Pradesh in India, and at the UNESCO World Heritage-listed jungle of Chitwan in Nepal; Taj Safaris offers the ultimate interpretive wildlife experience, based on a proven sustainable ecotourism model. The safari drives, conducted by expert naturalists, are an integral part of the Taj Safaris experience.

Webinars curated by the expert naturalists of Taj Safaris will focus on the biodiversity of India’s jungles with spellbinding talks. From covering the journey of the tiger from a cub to the majestic conqueror to survival techniques of animals in the jungle or unique facts about common birds and uncovering secrets of animals’ homes; you can experience the jungles through the eyes of men and women who witness the wild at close quarters.

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