The Art and Heart of Luxury Tableware


Ariane Porcelain will be at the IHE 2019

Noida 2019-The single most important factor that differentiates great hospitality from good hospitality is the way it makes you feel. As flag bearers of fine quality, the makers at Ariane Porcelainalso ensure that the heart of their products is in the right place leaving you with a feel-good factor. While the hospitality industry comes together to showcase their products and services at the Indian Hospitality Expo 2019 in Noida, Ariane Porcelain is proud to represent the art and heart of luxury tableware at Booth Hall No.5- Stall – 09/05 in Noida between 7th and 10th August 2019.

According to GlobalData, a UK-based data analytics company, “the growth of the tableware market is set to rise 10.3% by 2023 especially because the appetite for tea and coffee is expected to rise.” This reveals a subsequent requirement for fine tableware that offers a blend of expertise, quality and fine craftsmanship. As a team that blends all these with state of the art production and advanced technology, Ariane Porcelain is one of the pioneers of quality luxury tableware with a history of catering to leading hospitality brands and other food and beverage companies. A unique array of collections that cater to different business and personal needs offers it an edge over others especially since the makers ensure that both the heart and the mind go into the production of each product. Their range of products include hollow wares, miniatures, tea and coffee pots, sugar and pepper shakers, bowls and plates among others. Most of which find a place in each collection that is designed and crafted to suit different needs of customers like:

  • The Dazzle Series for formal events and parties
  • The timeless Artisan Ocean which is ideal for restaurants and hotels
  • The subtle Pointed collection for semi-formal events
  • The ambiguous Island series for the unconventional touch to experimental cuisine
  • The colourful Gamma series for a quirky touch to food
  • The rooted Earth collection whose strengths lie in its asymmetry and imperfection

These are accompanied by many other collections, some of which shall be showcased at the event. In a dynamic landscape of ever changing styles and tastes for food, it is imperative that one embraces novel designs for tableware that would suit the preparations. With a robust strength of 650 exhibitors, the Indian Hospitality Expo‘19 shall see Europe’s fine porcelain brand, Ariane whose constant endeavour has been to add value to the food and beverage industry with unique design and lasting durability. Furthermore, the ability to produce over 25,000 units per day and satisfy customers like TAJ, MARRIOT, NOVOTEL, RITZ CARTON, RADDISON, RAMADA, etc. have helped the brand reach a wide range of audiences.

“We have been fortunate enough to have our presence in almost 33 countries now,” says Sunny Malesha, Business Strategist at Ariane Porcelain. Given their worldwide presence, the team has also maintained professional and international standards by having regular quality checks. “We have tried our best to exemplify quality and craftsmanship while also ensuring that the products add to the preparations and subsequently leave the customers happy. We aim to do just that as we prepare to exhibit at the IHE 2019 hoping that more hearts are reached out to with our brand,”

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Note: Do visit us at BoothHall No.5-Stall – 09/05 at the Indian Hospitality Expo 2019 in Noida between 7th and 10th August 2019.

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