The Best Nail Polish Colours for Your Nail Shape!


What’s your nail shape Short, Long, Wide or Narrow?

We can enhance their appearance with the right color choices. Below are the best shade suggestions for each nail shape.

For Short, Square Nails – Rose gold

Go for sheer nudes and shimmery metallics like rose gold this soften the sharp edges of your nails, and also gives an elongating appearance. Because this shape tends to be wider (and look shorter), skip any inky blacks and blues as they can look a bit harsh.

Nail Inner 1

For Short, Round Nails – Black

Darker hues can look especially crisp and clean on soft, curved tips. Classic reds and creamy pastels (like periwinkle blue) also work well. Tip: Leave a teensy space on either side when painting (we’re talking, like, a centimeter or less here) to create the illusion of slimmer nails.

Nail Inner 2

For Long, Narrow Nail – Nude and Red

Long, slender nails always look elegant but pairing with a sultry red or burgundy polish they look glamorous. Other good choices are fleshy pinks and nudes a (so long as they’re a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone). But say no to steer clear of risky blues and purples as they may come off cartoonish.

Nail Inner 3

Long, Wide Nails – Any Colour

This nail shape blends well with any colour, whether it’s nude, bold, sheer or opaque, the world is your oyster when it comes to shade selection. Those with naturally rounder shapes can file their tips straight across to look more square—and those with square tips can round off the edges to soften their appearance.

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