The Broken Bridge that leads nowhere in Chennai


A Bridge that leads to nowhere!

Let’s prod into the spooky bridge of Chennai! Have you ever had an experience of crossing the bridge which leads nowhere? Here is one such bridge over here in Chennai. This is well-known for its spooky stories but still is known to be a tourist attraction too. Do you want to know more about this interestingly attractive place? Let’s get to know more about the place. Probably, the broken staged bridges have several stories to narrate and it will leave the biggest mark on your heart as memory or life long experience which you could narrate to someone else. And that’s how every place is unique and offering adventure-filled ambiance.

A bridge leading to spooky stories which you would have never heard before! Running over the river with sands filled, Adyar’s broken bridge is located around 15 km from the Chennai city. It was built across the Adyar estuary which got collapsed partially in 1977 because of the strong gushing river. This particular spooky covered bridge was built in the intention to help the fishermen to commute from Santhome Beach to Elliot’s beach or Besant Nagar beach. It was left unrepaired after the collapse in 1977 until now. Yet this place at present is the favorite hangout spot for those people in Chennai.

You could capture some awesome moments and hundred percent one of the perfect places for photography. This bridge has been serving as the popular shooting location for movies and it has been captured in some of the Tamil movies such as Vaali, Aayudha Ezhuthu and other notable movies too. Even though the bridge has been serving as the favorite place to hang out and popular shooting spot and is also a great place to watch the flamboyant sunrise and sunset. It will be deserted after the dusk. There will be no street lights to add up your path clearly which looks even spookier. As the place is believed to be haunted, it gives the spine-chilling feel when you witness it during the dusk.

The spooky story goes like this, a lady was murdered here years back, aftermath her cries are heard at the bridge after sunset. Multiple articles have been written about the place and an eerie feel of the place and some also wrote their own experience at this bridge. If you want to soak yourself with the spooky ambiance of the place, just have a brave heart to check it out. Presently, the bridge is not in use.

Uncanny or not, you can have a new experience all the way at this Adyar Bridge!

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