The IPL rivalry comes to an end tonight with Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders coming face-to-face. Being the most anticipated season in the history of IPL, the bat and ball tale has its “the end” chapter, tonight at 7.30 PM. It’s been nine years and IPL has wrapped millions of fans worldwide without the craze being declined. No wonder that the fans will be waiting for the ultimate night to witness the climax of this season, IPL.

Entered the playoffs as the very first team, Chennai Super Kings has made its way into the finals by defeating Delhi Capitals in Qualifier 1. Although they are the first team to be eliminated from the tournament last year (2020), the YELLOVE team enters the finale with Dhoni’s sparkling finishing style. The Captain Cool never disappoints his fans and proves himself habitually. Not to mention, Chennai Super Kings is playing their ninth finals of the IPL tournament, irrespective of the team being banned for two years. Will they lift the scintillating IPL cup tonight?

On the other hand, Kolkata Knight Riders being led by Captain Eoin Morgan enters the finale by defeating Delhi Capitals in Qualifier 2 on October 13. The team lifted the trophy twice in the earlier seasons of IPL (2012 and 2014) and so the expectations on the team from the fans will be higher this time. They will be engaging in cricket skirmish with the known foe, Chennai Super Kings for the trophy.

October 15, the Match Day (FRIDAY FINALE) has appeared finally with complete hype amid the IPL fans. Since the fans might have watched the other matches of the seasons while they are at work, at the mall with friends and home by hiding the remotes from the siblings, IPL never ceases to infuse the fad ambience. Let’s wait and watch as the three times IPL winner, Chennai Super Kings locks horns with two times IPL winner tonight at Dubai International Stadium with the onset of Dussehra Day. Keeping guessing the winner of this season IPL!

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